Collin The Cow

Pilot Hill, California, United States  

About me

Hey how are you? If your here then welcome I hope I didn't put you off or anything I'm just shy and kinda awkward but sweet guy who is looking to make some friends, play video games, and maybe find something more while snacking along the way but feel free to message me if you like in the mean time I will be here snacking away and playing some video games on my Nintendo switch probably playing a indie game or Pokemon oh and feel free to message me if you have any questions about me

For all feeders out there I'm not currently gaining as I'm comfortable and happy where I am but I wouldn't mind gaining again and getting up to 400 pounds with some necessary encouragement and such

I'm also on
Instagram: flabby_belly_feedee
Discord: jkmaximum
X: @RpBelly

Gender: male
Age: 23yrs
Weight: 335lbs
Height: 5’ 9" (176 cms)
Sexual orientation: straight
Fetish: fat appreciator
Online 1 month
Visits website: rarely
Joined 2 years


Food: I LOVE potatoes, I like pizza, nachos, smoothies, and burritos for a start
Movies: I love comedy, action, or even the occasional romance movie
Music: I don't listen to a lot of music I usually listen to podcasts or podcasts like stuff but if I do listen to music it's either from a video game or some kind of rock music
TV shows: I love Futurama, family guy, and I do watch anime occasionally
Cars: They go down the street or they go no where if there broken
Books: Are made of paper
Fashions: Either really baggy and loose, maybe a tight shirt every once in awhile, or none rarely >///

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