Stadthagen, Niedersachsen, Germany  

About me


I'm Gamergirl.bellylove's bf/feedee and I love being a huge pig :3

I collect retro games, love to snack and sing to music i listen to.
Also I'm a furry :3

Gender: male
Age: 28yrs
Weight: 273lbs
Height: 5’ 10" (178 cms)
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Fetish: feedee
Online 1 year
Visits website: rarely
Joined 1 year


Food: Pizza, Pasta, Nachos,
Movies: whatevers fun
Music: Nerdcore, Indie, Metal
TV shows: streamers, youtubers etc
Cars: got a purple one
Books: Fazbear Frights and Darkwing Duck
Fashions: big goofy shirts and jeans