Monson, Massachusetts, United States  

About me

I'm a gamer, dnd player, the therapy friend, and a bottom that can become a switch when need be. My occupation is security. I've been diagnosed with adhd, and working towards getting an autism diagnosis. Most wouldn't know I have adhd or autism bc of how well I can mask. I also suffer from hypsexuality. When I care for someone, I let them know I'm there for when they need someone by their side.

I have Discord, instagram, and snap.
Msg if you're interested in sparking a convo.

Gender: male
Age: 22yrs
Weight: 294lbs
Height: 6’ 0" (183 cms)
Sexual orientation: straight
Fetish: feedee
Online 3 months
Visits website: rarely
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Food: Pizza, tacos, burgers, mac n' cheese, steak
Movies: Star Wars trilogy, Marvel's Avengers, Disney classics
Music: Amalee, Jeff and Cassie Williams, Demondice, Corpse, 2010's radio hits, Oldies
TV shows: One Piece, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, RWBY, Doctor Who
Cars: My honda fit
Books: Not much of a reader 😅
Fashions: Whatever still fits, preferably with darker colors

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