Wichita, Kansas, United States  

About me

I love food, discovering new flavors and taking my tastes buds on an adventure. I have plump and beautiful figure. I enjoy sushi, and seafood, sweets are another favorite of mine. Feel free to message I dont bite 😉

SnapChat: persephone4u

Gender: female
Age: 32yrs
Weight: 239lbs
Height: 5’ 0" (153 cms)
Sexual orientation: pansexual
Fetish: foodie
Online 6 months
Visits website: rarely
Joined 10 months


Food: Ice cream, cake, sushi, Chinese food, street tacos. Mexican food, most sweets, I love food
Movies: Interview with the vampire, practical magic,steel magnolias and lots of others
Music: I listen to a variety of music
TV shows: The walking dead, bridgerton, the serpent queen, the originals,3rd rock from the sun, game of thrones and quite a few others. I'm a it of a movie watcher.
Cars: My dream vehicle is a vw bus
Books: I love reading, to many titles to mention.
Fashions: I love being comfortable