Lowell, Massachusetts, United States  

About me

Hello! I'm a 24 year old trans girl who's trying to manage living on her own while gaining. And in this economy, trying to gain weight is one hell of a task.

I'm in an open/polyamorous relationship, so i'm open to relationships if you're okay with that. And if not, i'm more than happy to just talk and make friends too!

I don't mind going out too much, but I usually prefer to stay home. I like to play video games and i'm slowly getting back into reading, but my favorite hobby is board games!

Gender: trans-woman
Age: 25yrs
Weight: 180lbs
Height: 5’ 9" (176 cms)
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Fetish: feedee
Online 2 months
Visits website: rarely
Joined 4 years


Food: Lots of fast food items, ramen, pizza. Mostly just simple/plain foods tbh
Movies: Don't really watch movies
Music: Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Green Day, Cascada, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Cold Play. Basically think 2013 Pop and Pop-Rock
TV shows: DBZ, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden. Steven Universe, Owl House, Adventure Time. Plenty more too! Although I don't really watch much anime or TV anymore
Cars: I know how to drive one and... that's about it!
Books: Percy Jackson, Scott Pilgrim, Land of the Lustrous, the new Sonic comics, and Jennette McCurdy's "I'm Glad My Mom Died"
Fashions: Comfy clothes?? Mostly plain t-shirts, jeggings, and long skirts but if im up to it I do enjoy wearing cute dresses! I've been told my style is very BOHO

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