Geneseo, Illinois, United States  

About me


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I loved fat people ever since I was a child. And that soon led me to discovered Fantasy Feeder’s YouTube channel, and eventually there small but amazing website.

Gender: female
Age: 19yrs
Weight: 100lbs
Height: 5’ 0" (153 cms)
Sexual orientation: straight
Fetish: fat appreciator
Online 3 months
Visits website: rarely
Joined 3 years


Food: I will except almost any food, even if it’s not right, if you know what I mean😏🌭+🥫+🍯+🥓+🫐=?.
Movies: I have a great taste for good movies.
Music: I like music that are the most popular, from the singer’s and what people think of it
TV shows: I’m not much for TV shows.
Cars: not at all interested.
Books: Fantasy Feeder books.
Fashions: These days any fashion will due, as long I can see that big belly.