Hamilton, New Jersey, United States  

About me

I'm just a feedee that wants to be forcefed until my weight makes you happy ☺️ Discord RickSanchez#8691 Open DMS

if you want food inside me you should be the one to put it inside me
Not a gainer atm because foods to pricey
Ill never ask for a dollar but Ill have a hard time refusing offers
I want to gain for you not for myself and I would be forced to gain until you are satisfied with no limits to what would happen πŸ˜… (More Demanding and Persistence will get more consistent results)

I cant believe im the only one that has ever woken up with the extremely suppressed desire to already have been tied down and be hooked up to a VR headset bombarding you with pictures of food noise canceling earphones telling you to eat being funnel fed weight gain shake with massive amounts of apatite stimulant and being forced to cum repeatedly while its happening
Forcefeeding, Hypno, conditioning preconcent domtops where are you 😭

Gender: trans-woman
Age: 32yrs
Weight: 155lbs
Height: 5’ 9" (176 cms)
Fetish: feedee
Online: 4 days
Visits website: rarely
Joined: 11 months


Food: I like alot of foods but my favorite has to be Pasta
Movies: I think the Thanos series is probably the best set of movies I've seen LOTR is notable I like alot of Horror movies
Music: Chris Webby has been my God for like 6 years now
TV shows: Gotham Breaking Bad Bleach Rick & Morty
Books: I read the Splinter Cell series when I was younger and enjoyed that

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