Buckhannon, West Virginia, United States  

About me

Drummer, singer, and aspiring author. Trying to get in shape but I love food too much. Chronic overthinker, introverted people-person, painfully empathetic, hypothetically kinky, and probably autistic. Trying to get into grad-school. Still living with my parents. :p

I've been at the sidelines of the community for a long time - roleplaying, writing a few fics, enjoying others' creativity, etc. - and now I'm looking to hopefully find someone to not only indulge shared fantasies alongside but to spend my life with.

Some boring but important real life stuff:

1. Like I imagine many here, I'm very left leaning.
2. I don't have kids and don't want any.
3. I don't have any pets and don't really want any (bad allergies :p).
4. I'm agnostic and am not interested in any religious partners. I grew up in church and hated it so no witnessing, please.
5. I'm not interested in hooking up; while I understand not every pairing will be perfect, my ultimate goal is to find my soul mate.

Gender: non-binary
Age: 25yrs
Weight: 220lbs
Height: 5’ 6" (168 cms)
Fetish: feeder
Online: 1 day
Visits website: weekly
Joined: 1 week


Food: Pizza, Matcha, Chicken & Waffles, Chocolate, etc.
Movies: Dune 2021, Avatar, Alien, Planet of the Apes Reboot Trilogy, Splice, and More
Music: Too much to list!
TV shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Vox Machina, The Mandolorian, more I'm forgetting :p
Cars: Not my thing. :p
Books: Dune, Ender's Game, Hunger Games Trilogy, All Quiet on the Western Front, more I'm forgetting :p
Fashions: IDK... I wear grey a lot. 😅

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