Memphis, Tennessee, United States  

About me

Just a dude who's always had a thing for girls a little bit on the pudgy side, I'm not really into the weight gain aspect of Feederism, just more of the fact of seeing a chick with a nice full tummy and enjoying a nice big meal hehe.

I'm more into chubby women and skinny-fat girls than anything else. I don't mind BBWs either and have love for them too, but I love the more slightly overweight tummies with pudge and generally just women who love to eat and eat alot. I'm a huge belly noises guy, and that and bellies go hand in hand. I'm not really looking for a relationship at the moments, but I'm open for meet ups if available. I work a lot and I'm currently in college (I'm a bit of a workaholic but hopefully things will change soon).

Gender: male
Age: 18yrs
Weight: 170lbs
Height: 5’ 8" (173 cms)
Fetish: feeder
Online: 15 hours
Visits website: rarely
Joined: 9 months


Food: Anything Italian I'm a huge fan of, cheese, pasta, and tomato sauce is pretty much a heavenly combination for me. I'm not that huge of a spaghetti fan, surprisingly.
Movies: I like a lot of comedies, The Hangover, Hall Pass, Dodgeball, American Pie. A lot of the typical "dude" comedies from the 90s and 00s. Midnight in Paris is a movie that's one of my favorites as well.
Music: Green Day, Eminem, Blink-182, Akon, Turnstile, New Found Glory, Kid Cudi, Kanye West (before he became anti-semitic), Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana. If I were to list them it would go on and on, but I'm a huge music guy of mainly different genres.
TV shows: That 70s Show is honestly a big comfort show for me. I've had a crush on Laura Prepon and tall-ish redhead chicks ever since then. There's shows I'd love to get around to watching like The Sopranos and Mad Men and House and a few others.
Cars: I'm a huge muscle car guy, I currently drive a 2004 Ford Mustang that I consider my baby and that I wash and regularly maintain frequently. I bought it at 79k miles, and it's done me well.
Books: I'm really into self-help books and Autobiographies. I've been trying to read more lately, but I feel like I can't find the time.
Fashions: I'm pretty much just a T-shirt and Blue Jeans with a pair of Vans or Chucks kinda guy. I'm pretty casual when it comes to dressing for non-work related purposes and just general leisure.

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