Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  

About me

"Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows that never stop"

Canadian, eh?
420 😎😮‍💨🍃❤️

Canadian 100%
Foodie 100%
Loving food does not make me a gainer though. Happy where I am at. Being soft is wonderful and if I could snuggle myself I would, haha. I am a full believer in doing what makes you happy and being who you want to be.

Not my first rodeo, been around this place over 10 years.

Gender: female
Age: 43yrs
Weight: 385lbs
Height: 5’ 11" (181 cms)
Fetish: foodie
Online: 2 mins
Visits website: hourly
Joined: 6 months


Food: Most food 😅
Movies: Action, comedy, tiny bit of horror. And Mel Brooks films
Music: Good base beat, wicked guitar riff, solid vocals.
TV shows: Competition shows.
Cars: Vroom
Books: Paranormal
Fashions: I make it look good. 😏😁