Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States  

About me

----Estrogen/HRT began 7/7/2023!!---

I guess in terms of feedism you can describe me as a mutual leaning much more towards feedee?
I do enjoy bodies of any shape and size and enjoy weight gain in general.
However I would rather my partner be happy with where ever they are at and myself fat AF, if that makes sense.
But I am terrible at conveying those kinds of things so probably not. lol
I think weight gain is a intimate thing to be done with the right person.
I also love my body and I am confident with it at any size.

In terms of normal stuff I am a caring, gentle and easy going person. Also good at jokes that only I find funny (not offensive, just weird lol).
I am also a big nerdy type!
I love video games, computers and anything geeky and I know a lot about them!
I also love to cook and sing and am pretty good at both.

Gender: trans-woman
Age: 28yrs
Weight: 350lbs
Height: 5’ 8" (173 cms)
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Fetish: feedee
Online 5 hours
Visits website: daily
Joined 9 years


Food: Anything really, I am not a picky eater so long as it is prepared well.
Movies: A ton of stuff! I don't really want to make a list.
Music: Metal
TV shows: I'm so far behind on shows
Cars: I have a car but i don't know anything about them.
Books: Fantasy
Fashions: stuff that complements me