San Bernardino, California, United States  

About me

My name is Adriana and I am someone who very recently became curious about this type of lifestyle. I was a dancer for a few years but started up a relationship with a man who really really enjoys spoiling me rotten. I was able to quit dance. Mani/pedis constantly, meals out multiple times every week, and he really seems to enjoy that I love to drink and smoke too. In five months with him, I've gained about 25 lbs. My gal pals all seem worried for me and think I'm really playing with fire, but he seems to really enjoy me getting a bit chunkier too. I've kinda had the suspicion that he could be a feeder guy and I wanted to learn more about all of this and make more of an educated decision about all of this.

Gender: female
Age: 22yrs
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 4’ 11" (150 cms)
Fetish: feedee
Online: 16 hours
Visits website: rarely
Joined: 1 month


Food: Salmon, steak, fried chicken, mac & cheese, empanadas, cheesecake, burritos, brownies, cookies
Movies: Mean Girls, Pretty Woman, Miss Congeniality, Salt, Barbie
Music: I listen to a lot of rap and latin pop. Love techno too. Can't really take the club out of the girl haha.
TV shows: Modern Family, Mr. Iglesias, Superstore, Ugly Betty
Cars: I like luxuary cars. They look nice af. Lambos, Feraris, Bugattis, ish like that.
Books: I've never been a big reader.
Fashions: I tend to wear my clothes pretty tight and revealing. Which could be a blessing and a curse if this new lifestyle sticks haha.