Freyung, Bayern, Germany  

About me

Psychotherapist in Training.
I like reading, TTRPGs and baking.
I am Nonbinary.

I would love to meet someone with whom i can have a relationship in which we both enjoy Fat and appreciate weight gain.

Gender: non-binary
Age: 24yrs
Weight: 145lbs
Height: 5’ 7" (171 cms)
Fetish: feeder
Online: 2 days
Visits website: rarely
Joined: 1 year


Food: I love indian food
Movies: Comedy, superhero
Music: Stuff like Bang, bang, bang, bang by sohodolls
TV shows: Comedy, cartoons
Cars: Not my thing. Though i do like the old-timer ones.
Books: Fantasy, sci-fi, GameLit
Fashions: I like to thrift, also: Business casual

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