Bishop Auckland, England, United Kingdom  

About me

Gender: male
Age: 19yrs
Weight: 190lbs
Height: 5’ 11" (181 cms)
Fetish: feeder
Online: 4 days
Visits website: weekly
Joined: 1 year


Food: Kinda have a sweet tooth, but sometimes not feeling it so ill go for a burger or smth
Movies: Varied
Music: Varied
TV shows: Most anime or adult cartoons, fav rn is probably vinland saga bc it’s airing but like a lot of other stuff too
Cars: Idk not a car guy
Books: Manga and light novels mostly, been reading blue period recently thats really good
Fashions: Ig like comfy shit, i usually just put on shorts and a T-shirt but sometimes jeans or sweatpants idk

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