A collection of 15 erotic weight-gain stories, written by some of the most talented and imaginative authors of this genre. The stories cover a variety of themes and situations, so you’ll never know what’s coming next, including: Male and female weight-gain; self-stuffing and force-feeding; realistic and futuristic worlds.

About the author:
Compiled and edited by the owners of, our goal was to create a collection of top-quality fantasies, with contributions from some of the Internet’s most talented and imaginative authors of this genre.

Fantasy Feeder says:
Three heifers on holiday - The story of three all-American corn-fed heifers, giving their poor waiter Gabriel the run-around with their gluttonous demands, whilst enjoying a summer break in Cancun Mexico. Lazy and rude but also beautiful and bulging, he’s hot under the collar as they sun-bathe on their loungers, but his revenge may well come in a drink served cold.

Cinnamon buns - Pete wasn’t sure if his advertisement was going to work. After years of hard work and diligent scrimping, he was now finally in a position for fulfil his life-long ambition – to retire at 38, stuff himself stupid, and become massively fat. All he needed was a nice woman to take care of him, someone who can cook and clean, wash and nurture him, but does such a woman even exist?

Apocalypse Feeder - Jenny wakes up blind, in a world where sight has been destroyed over-night by a dazzling meteor shower. She’s fat and timid, hardly a survivor, and desperately latches onto one of the few people that can still see – an escaped convict who hardly has her best interests at heart. Forcing her to fatten further for his own selfish pleasure, what will become of her now that she’s so utterly dependent on him?

* Three heifers on holiday
* Apocalypse Feeder
* Nero’s freshman fifty
* Too fat for an FA
* The elegant interpreter
* Happy tails pig farm
* Corpulence in the community
* Poppy's lunch date
* Cinnamon buns
* The anti-fat policy
* My big fat pregnant boy friend
* Babette the Blimpette
* Perfectly fat
* Falling for a big guy
* My fat love

A tale for every taste - many different characters and themes.

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