Hey Fatso!

Rodney a confident BHM has a chance encounter with a young women who is enticed to explore her unknown feedism kink. A box of donuts pushes Lauren over the edge and Rodney gets all the sugary benefits and more!

About the author:
L.J. Rock is an artist, illustrator and author from Boston, Massachusetts. His work deals with both the sensuality and the humanity of plus sized characters, exploring the worlds of feedism, weight gain, impregnation and lactation as well as other forms of size and transformation related fetishes. It wasn’t until he was in his mid forties that he decided to share what had long been strictly a hobby for his own personal enjoyment, that being his erotic artwork and writings, with the world at large.

Fantasy Feeder says:
Another great short story from L.J Rock. Packed with relatable characters, sensual feeding and deliciously steamy adult scenes. A fantastic read that won't disappoint, and might make you crave some donuts of your own.

5,700 words of weight gain fiction. Best read while eating your doughnuts!

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