Finishing School

The Hampton Manor Finishing School, a once highly regarded institution, is still commissioned by rich royals and nobles from the mystical kingdom of Shangri-La, to train and fatten Western students to be their future wives, husbands and concubines. Any student lucky enough to pass the auditions can expect to live a life of absolute luxury, eating and bathing in the palaces and pools of the hidden Himalayan paradise.

However with a sudden unexpected increase of the minimum weight limit to 500lbs and a nearing deadline, the school is forced to resort to some of the more unethical feeding techniques of the 1970's putting the students lives in danger. What is the school really up to, will the students be fat enough for the auditions, and is it all worth the risk?

Fantasy Feeder says:
This 55 minute mystery thriller film has been specially created by Fantasy Feeder for the feedism community, using 3D software for the images and animations, and professional voice actors to play the characters.

Would you enrol and be fatted to 500lbs for the chance of a lifetime of luxury?

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Finishing School Part 1


Finishing School Part 2


Finishing School Part 3


Finishing School Part 4