BBW Hucow Ranch

Sheila the supersized BBW runs a cattle ranch that has been in her family for generations. The ranch has been having financial issues and a boy from high school she used to bully shows up to save the day and now the tables have turned. Will she be able to set her cowgirl pride aside and submit to the boy she used to bully?

About the author:
I have always enjoyed writing about all things related to Feedism, especially BBW, Big bellies, and Vore. My work is inspired by my own experiences and fantasies providing readers a world that is both kinky and based in reality.

Fantasy Feeder says:
Captivating throughout and a joy to read. Bellyempire really does justice to the Hucow genre and delivers a short story with a punch. The authors knowledge of the farming industry brings a sense of realism to the story which adds to the fantasy aspect of turning a SSBBW into a real life hucow. Have fun at the ranch folks!

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