"the fat serum"

chapter 1:alex

Alex is a boy living in a small town with quite the belly. He weighed around 200 pounds and was 5'1. He loved video games, computers, and....fat...? He was obsessed over fat men, fat women, and just food himself. He had always been self conscious about his blubbery body but was surprisingly never teased for it...until present day. Alex was picking his Halloween costume for this year's Halloween. He saw plenty of things he loved but when he tried them on they either defined his man boobs, belly, or the costume wouldn't reach over his blubbery mess of a body. Either way his fat either A. Was extremely noticeable B. Spilled out over the costume C. wouldn't fit over his giant thighs or fat ass or D. He just looked stupid. In the end he got a costume of an assassin that defined his belly WAY too much, not that he liked it. Alex had a double chin, red fat cheeks, sorta big flabby arms, sausage fingers, a soft and plump belly, simple man boobs, stretch marks on his lower belly, huge blubbery legs with plenty of cellulite and a big ass. He brought the suit on and thought "It looks terrible, my belly is way to big in it." There was a belt that he thought would hide it but just stuck under his belly whenever he moved. On Halloween night he went to plenty of houses. Gathering candy from plenty of strangers. He often took breaks from walking to catch his breath munching on plenty of sugar rich candies. He sometimes noticed the occasional little kid staring at his plump belly. He got up once again to walk to other houses as other little kids watched his blubber legs and belly jiggle as he walked. In fact he noticed that he forgot his belly was so out there. He pumped into a few kids with his belly as he munched on chocolate and peanut butter. As he walked further he saw an old looking house with lights on but it gave him a creepy vibe. He steadily waddled past the house on to the other houses just begging to be raided of their candy. He smiled as he watched his bag fill up to the top. Most lights turned off at this point but the house he passed earlier still had lights in it. Alex decided to go the last house just for the extra candy.

(Meant to be a one chapter short story but I felt like making it 2 :)
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