(teaser) the collar binds, the belly grows

chapter 1 - foreplay

At first, my main qualm with the collar was the distinct lack of an attachable leash. I enjoyed grasping the lead, relished the feel of the taut leather in my hand. The look in her cute blue eyes as I summoned her with a measured tug or coiled it around her fragile neck for a quick choke at the right instance. It completed the puzzle, heightened the sense of arousal. Claire had several collars in her collection, all types, and I had a tether for each in mine.

So when she brought the aforementioned choker and presented it to me with both hands, I was initially put off. It was rather plain. A rather thick band of pink leather inscribed with what looked like plump cats strolling around the outer edge. Shockingly detailed, they were of three different breeds, all posed in separate stages of action. These three plump felines encircled the band all the way to the small silver buckle. The only other redeeming feature was the tiny golden bell at the very front. Claire’s eyes would alight as she gently flicked the small chime which tinkled like a miniature sleigh bell. From her excitement, I knew there would be no other choice that night. Buying what would become known as her “Kitty Collar” was an inevitability.

After a long day, I came home to find her wearing it not a week later. I remembered calling her name as I walked upstairs to our bedroom. She waited patiently hidden behind the closet door, until I took off my tie, and pounced on me, knocking me to the bed. The tiny bell jingled seductively as she straddled me, looking down with an odd smirk on her face. I laughed, struck by a strange case of the giggles, when I noticed a milk mustache staining the skin above her upper lip. It was slight, but clearly there, and a sheepish grin slowly overcame her when I pointed out how my kitty must’ve gotten into the milk.

“Don’t you make fun of me!” She said, playfully swatting me on the shoulder. “I got thirsty, and it was almost time for you to get home.” I laughed harder, causing her to break down in giggles as well. We wrestled a bit after that. Enjoying the time we had, enjoying each other. It wasn’t long until she was unzipping me and dutifully taking my cock into her mouth. Eager, yet strangely submissive, the behavior startled me. It was out of character for Claire, but I wasn’t about to complain. She could have as much milk as she wanted if this is what it led too. Her lips wrapped tightly around my dick, massaged my shaft. It didn’t take long. She moaned as I finished, swallowing every drop with eyes closed. She meowed playfully afterwards, licking her lips and giggling at my reaction.

A guy could get used to this.

Things continued like that for a time. Thinking back, I noticed subtle shifts in Claire’s behavior early. Small things. Of course, her libido increased exponentially, but even more was her food and drink intake. She’d always eaten like a bird before. Tiny portions and small plate sizes. She’d prided herself on her control and self discipline. However, with the collar meals were something else entirely. When Claire cooked, her meals wound up much too large for just the two of us. We’d have leftovers for days, and I distinctly remember thinking how she could possibly think we’d finish it all. Yet days later, the leftovers would be gone and I, not having indulged, knew exactly where they had to be going.

By this point, the once cute pink kitty collar with its shiny chime and brandished leather had become a staple in our home. Claire refused to take it off, and I found myself disquieted at her insistence on wearing it. This wasn’t about sex anymore. I tried to hint subtle jabs of dissatisfaction, but if Claire picked up on these she ignored them. The collar became part of her daily wardrobe. She’d match clothes to it, dress around it, and even go so far as to stroke it on rare occasions. It was an odd change and not one I was particularly fond of at the time, but her focus on me took away from the sting of an otherwise awkward obsession. Claire fucked like a minx with that collar on, and through it all I noticed how she began to grow.

It was subtle at first. Her appetite had not abated and the first signs of her developing body came a few months later. I caught her on the bathroom scale, a concerned look on her face as she stared down. She was nude except for a lovely pair of pink panties I remembered purchasing last Valentine’s for her. They were tighter now. Even from a distance, I could tell her ass had plumped up considerably. Her hips only emphasized her hourglass figure, and the soft flair of her growing curves was enough to draw me in. I wrapped one arm around her softer midsection and heard the soft tinkle of the collar’s bell as she whimpered. “I’ve got to cut back. I’ve gained a lot.” She took a large breath of air into her lungs and I watched as her soft paunch disappeared. Claire held her breath and ran both hands down her now trim midsection. An illusion that lasted only as long as her next breath wherein her pot belly returned with a vengeance and I couldn’t help but smile at the sight. As attractive as she had been before, now I absolutely lusted for her. I kissed along the slope of her neck as I hefted one of her ample and growing tits. The soft curve of her plump belly and exaggerated flair of her hips and thighs made me want to take her then and there. At the time, I hadn’t pieced it together. All I knew was that collar might not be so bad after all. I remember whispering how sexy she looked, sweet nothings laced with lusty intentions, and while she playfully slapped my hand away, we found our way to the bedroom all the same.

She tried to diet after that. My words of desire-soaked encouragement weren’t enough to persuade her otherwise. She engaged in fitness regimes and carb counters. Our loaded dinners shrunk to portion controlled affairs and while they weren’t as tasty or fulfilling as before, they weren’t totally bad either.

Through it all, the collar remained wrapped securely around her neck. She showered with it now, and the chime of the bell would accompany us to bed. I asked her about it one day, questioned why she didn’t want to try something new? Maybe go for a fresh look. Claire seemed startled by the question. A look of brief realization appeared in her eyes as her fingers toyed with the delicate clasp. She told me she didn’t really understand it, but this one made her feel comforted. Safe. Made for her. I’d smiled at her as I ran one hand through her long brown hair before saying how I guess she was just going to be my kitten then. She giggled at that.

The diet lasted less than three months and towards the end I noticed Claire struggling to restrain herself. Odd behavior from one so use to maintaining her body in the past, but during those last weeks I witnessed her sneaking chocolate and other sweets when she thought I wasn’t paying attention. She became food obsessed in the last few days before what I came to call “the big break”. It was at this point I became to suspect what was happening. Looking back, it’s easy enough to see, but there in the moment you second guess yourself. I remember us sitting on the couch together watching television and being treated to a fast food commercial showcasing their newest biggest burger. I had turned from the screen for just a moment to find Claire’s eyes wide and locked on the screen. Her tongue slid out to moisten her plump lips. She was enraptured, her attention fully engulfed. Her body stiff as she stroked the pink leather fastened around her neck. Without a shadow of doubt, it was the collar. Something about it was speaking to her, calling her to eat. Everything came together in that moment. I also knew I had a choice. I could remove it and rid her of its influence. Or I could help it and watch Claire’s sexy body ripen. I have no regrets looking back upon my decision.

Though I wish I had seen it all sooner....


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