“i’ve never seen her this big”

Chapter 1

When Tiana was young, she always noticed how much chubbier she was than most girls her age. The way her stomach stuck out. The size of her thighs. Her peers would make comments calling her “Fatty Girl” and “Tubby Tiana”. Her parents had plentiful sugary snacks, ice cream, cookies, etc. Most nights they had McDonalds, Pizza Hut, pizza, and Chinese food. Her dad traveled far from work and always got out late so it was a quick fix.

Tiana continued to hate her body but there was also a shameful, secret desire to continue being fat. She would exercise for hours, take diet pills, and tried to diet all throughout her teen years. But she’d always find herself gorging herself on food no matter how much she didn’t want to. She loved it but also felt ashamed and like such a pig after it was over. At night when everyone went to sleep, she would eat so much until her stomach felt it couldn’t take anymore food. She managed to stay under 200 pounds somehow but was always very close to hitting the 2s. People always told her she could “be so pretty if she lost a little weight”.

As she got older, she realized might not actually hate her body and started to give into her hidden desire of possibly being a feedee, which Tiana heard about. She started to fantasize about getting fatter and how it sexually turned her on. This made it even harder to diet because she actually enjoyed being obese. In her mid 20s she finally succumbed to the fact she enjoyed being an obese piggy.

By the time she was 27, she was 220 pounds on her 5’2 frame and steadily gaining. Her doctor also put her on a medication with a side effect that can make you gain weight. She could now only shop at Torrid and other plus size stores now. Her stomach protruded out past her huge DD boobs. At work, she was so embarrassed when the janitor, who she has known forever, asked her when the baby was due. Her belly hung almost halfway past her crotch and had to tuck it into her pants. Her pubic area had plumped up as well, making her fupa very noticeable. When she sat down, the band of her pants sunk into her double belly, basically splitting it in half. There were red and purple stretch marks covering her belly hang and pubic area. Her thighs were the size of a regular persons torso, riddled with cellulite, and had a little bundle of fat that protruded out on the side of her knees. Her inner thighs had stretch marks as well. Her arms were like billowing pillows, her “tricep” area was hanging down about 3 inches with no muscle tone left in sight. Ever since letting herself go, all that ice cream, and ramen, and cookies, fast food, burgers, fried chicken, pizza, started to fill her out quick. Her ass, which has always been huge, but it now was massive. She often would bump into things and had trouble fitting into seats.

She found all these changes such a turn on and rubbed herself to the thought of gaining more. At the doctor, she now was 230 and has pre diabetes. Tiana was worried but knew she couldn’t stop. She wanted someone to admire her fat and feed her more. Someone there for when she got too big to fully care for herself. Tiana wanted to weight 350 pounds to see how she looked and all the new rolls she could develop.

Tiana was already noticing changes in things she used to do with ease. It’s been a struggle to put shoes on as she feels she’s suffocating when she bends down. Her feet and knees hurt when she walks longer than 5 minutes. Going up stairs is even harder. She knew she was getting really big when she went to wipe her butt after using the bathroom and could barely reach behind herself. At work, she couldn’t fit in the conference room chairs and would have to have a different chair because her ass was so large.

Tiana often visited a pizza restaurant to get her usual for lunch at work. She has been a regular for a long time and they have seen her weight progress over time. The owner, David, was always flirtatious with her and would give her free desserts and soda sometimes. He was extremely good looking with blue eyes, dark hair, and clearly lifted weights. One day, he wrote his number in one of the pizza boxes. Tiana decided to call him and couldn’t believe he actually liked her.

David asked if he could take her out for dinner. He chose an Italian restaurant since he knew I loved meatballs.
“I was surprised to see your number in the box, not many guys like girls my size”, Tiana said.
“Oh, well they are crazy look at you, you’re so beautiful. I happen to enjoy my women thick. I own a pizza shop, I want to make sure my girl is well fed”, David said.
“Oh well that’s good, I am glad you don’t mind my size”, Tiana said.
“Are you ready to eat? Order anything you like”, David said.
Tiana nodded. She ordered the fried ravioli for an appetizer, meatballs and spaghetti, and also had the chicken Parmesan. David watched her in awe as she finished each plate and had about 3 Sprites. She then ordered their signature cheesecake. Tiana could feel her stomach expanding and being too tight to move.

David and Tiana left the restaurant. Tiana was waddling and holding her stomach that was tight as a drum. When they sat in the car, David asked if he could tell her something.

“Tiana I want to tell you that I am into feeding my girlfriends to help them gain weight. It is a sexual thing for me. Seeing you come into the restaurant over the years, I saw your weight go up and up. When I watched you eat tonight, all I could think about was rubbing your swollen belly and feeding you more. Among other things”, David said.

Tiana was surprised and wasn’t sure what to say. She did tell him that she does have a hidden desire to gain weight and likes being obese. He reached over and starting caressing her lower belly. She felt a tingle between her legs. Tirana asked to take her to his place. She has not had any sex for a while and was feeling so turned on. Once she knew he loved her fat unlike most guys she’s been with who already told her to lose weight, it was over. He agreed.

He helped her get out of the car, still being so stuffed from dinner. David had a nice house and maintained it well for a bachelor. They sat on the couch together and looked at each other. Feeling so much passion and attraction, they both leaned in and started kissing each other and David started to grab her breasts and her back roll. They took their clothes off and headed to the bedroom. David helped her walk up the stairs.

Tiana was self-conscious being naked and vulnerable.

“David are you sure you like all this? I’m so fat and I can barely put my own shoes on. You work out almost everyday”, Tiana said.

“I am positive. I honestly wouldn’t care if you got bigger, I’d love it. I want you to be able to eat everything you love and be happy”, he said.

David started kissing her again and jiggling her whole body and his dick was getting rock hard. He pulled her underwear off and began licking her pussy. Tiana threw her head back and began moaning loudly.

“So you like that my little piggy? I can’t wait to feed you more treats and watch that fupa get so big I can’t find your pussy”, David said and was jiggling her fat pad.

Tiana heard these words and orgasmed within a few minutes. She fantasized about David feeding her delicious meals and worshipping her body as she grew into a fat lard.
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