1 in a million

Chapter 1 - my ideal feeder

Editors note: I am going to describe what I am looking for in a feeder in hopes of someday finding her

I am looking for a feeder. That may seem run of the mill on sites like this and feabie. But my situation is a bit unique.

I am looking for a skilled and experienced feeder to help me gain hundreds of pounds over time. I have no upper limit and I see no reason to set one. I fully intend to become immobile. Unlike many, I am looking forward to becoming immobile.

I am developmentally disabled with a condition called cerebral palsy. I have needed help from other people with my daily care needs all my life. I need help bathing, dressing and going to the bathroom. I wear and use diapers. I have used diapers every day since I was born. Truly, I have no bladder or bowel control.

My mobility will go from crutches to a wheelchair to someday a bed. I have walked with crutches since I was 3. I am tired of them and I would enjoy burning them, but I don't have the care in place to transition to a wheelchair fully yet. I look forward to being bed bound someday.

I do not expect that my feeder to care for me all by herself. That is asking far too much. My care has always required a team approach.

What I am looking for is for my feeder to be a catalyst, to be the spark that helps me get fatter. My feeder would be the head of my care team and she could select my other caregivers as she sees fit to ensure that I am comfortable and well fed. I am looking for a feeder who enjoys seeing me become more and more dependent over time.

I would be very submissive to my feeder and I would want her to use any method necessary to increase my size.

I don't consider reaching a certain number on the scale to be the goal. I just want to be immobile and so well cared for that I have no choice but get fatter.

I hope the feeder I need is out there somewhere. I am willing to relocate to my feeder under the right situation.

Because I need so much from a feeder, I consider her 1 in a million.

Thank for reading this .


Feel free to inbox me any questions.
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