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Posted by FitLad: What do you really think of beer bellies?
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Ladies, your honest opinion - would you date a guy with a beer belly? There's definitely a thing socially of some women being into "dad bods", and I'm wondering how true that is. Here's the thing: I'm in university, and I've always taken pride in my appearance. Specifically, by sticking to a rigorous fitness regimen. But, I maintain my abs more out of fear of rejection rather than enjoyment of exercise or because I like the way my body looks.

I could never admit this out loud, but the truth is, I have this weird fascination around what it would feel like to grow a beer belly. I love eating, I love drinking, and I feel like all I've been doing for the past year and a half is just holding back in order to maintain my figure. I've discovered pretty quickly during the holidays that I can pack on the pounds easily if I don't eat and drink in strict moderation. But honestly, I'm just so tired of that. I'd love to just give up and enjoy uni to the fullest without stressing about getting my workouts in or counting calories. Despite this, as corny as it sounds, I don't want to ruin my chances of meeting someone really special because girls are turned off before they even approach me.

What do you think I should do?


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yournextex_ ew beer bellies r gross

gymbro_ dude, if theres one thing ive learned in college, its that it pays to show dedication. if you have the motivation to keep up with your gym goals, its a sign to females that youll have the motivation to step up and and treat them well.
- othergymbro_ facts
- bookishbutnotaworm_ OP, a little advice - don't take any advice seriously from anyone who unironically calls women "females"
- talktomeaboutplants_ I'm a girl and I actually agree, it's sexy when a man is devoted to something and shows that he can follow up his words with corresponding actions.

unlicensedguru_ OP, it takes a lot of courage and self-awareness to not only come to terms with this within yourself, but to share it with a group of strangers. I recognize that and commend you. Personally, I'd argue that one of the most important contributing factors to high life satisfaction is ability to live life authentically. Not only taking the steps to live authentically, but feeling safe in doing so. It sounds like you don't feel safe right now because you're afraid of external judgement. So my question for you is this. If a potential romantic connection can be prevented by something such as body type, is that something genuinely worth pursuing? Throughout your life, your body will change and that's a fact. My advice is to seek love that goes beyond being skin-deep.
- random69_ not this fucking guy again
- forgottencheeto_ omg unlicensedguru I LOVE YOU

woofwoof_ a guy that cant even look after himself isnt gonna pull bitches

unapologeticfoodie_ Hon, put yourself first! Do what you love! Romance will come. I'm sure there's plenty of women out there who will be attracted to your personality and won't care about what you look like.

pianowoman_ Fit bod = easier hook-ups. that's just the ugly truth. if you're looking for a more serious relationship though, whether you have a beer belly or not shouldn't matter as much.

radioactivetoaster_ I mean, my ex broke up with me bc i got too comfortable in the relationship and got fat over the course of our 6 months together. do with that info what you will

queenoftoads_ FitLad, I am not afraid to admit that I think there's nothing sexier than a man confidently sporting a proper, sturdy pot belly. The bigger the better. Allow me to convince you with 10 reasons.
1) A warm, round belly is perfect for cuddling! Much more comfortable to snuggle up against than firm muscle.
2) You're not constantly blowing me off to go to the gym, so we can do more fun things together!
3) Most women agree that they like their men to be taller than them. That's because there's comfort and security in a man who's bigger than you. A man with a belly, tall or not, evokes those same primal instincts.
4) You'll order lots of good food, which means I can try a little bit of everything on the menu and you can worry about finishing the rest. And there won't be any annoying whining or nagging about watching your weight from either party. Win win!
5) It's sexy to see someone freely indulge in what they enjoy, 100% guilt-free.
6) Convenient handles to grab onto during sex. 'Nuff said.
7) Moobs are fun to squish and suck on. Sue me. Men who are into boobs - you can't even say anything against this one.
8) It's hot to watch a big guy who's not ashamed to really pack it away. The more you can consume in a sitting, the more impressed I am.
9) Most people aren't into guys with a good belly on them, which means less competition for me. I like that you're not trying to impress anyone else.
10) It's a pleasurable and intimate experience to give belly rubs to a man who is stuffed to the brim after a full night of eating and/or drinking. A firm, perfectly round belly is intoxicating to touch and you'll make the most amazing sounds and feel so relaxed during a rewarding belly rub after a particularly large, satisfying meal.
- krtny22_ get out of here, troll
- someoneyoudontknow_ whaddaya know, there really is a fetish for everything

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My heart races faster and faster as I read each comment, accelerating as I scroll with trembling fingers. It took a lot of guts for me to bare my soul like this online, and overall I'm pleasantly surprised by some of the genuine, positive responses. But it's the comment by queenoftoads that stops my scrolling. I can't stop re-reading it, completely lost in her fantasy. I'm aching to live the experiences she is describing, and there's equal amounts of excitement, fear, and arousal stirring in me as I imagine both a fat gut and a horny girlfriend sitting on my lap. queenoftoads has planted the seed of a dangerous thought: that these two things, that I always thought were mutually exclusive, can in fact be a beautiful combination.

I'm already typing out a private message to her before I consider the weight (ha, you appreciate me right?) of my actions.


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