10 years into the future

Chapter 1 - opportunity

I was staring at the full-length mirror in the foyer of my place. I was fourteen and starting to obsess over my looks. I shifted my body to get a full view. 'Not too bad,' I thought. My body was becoming hourglass - skinny, but with prominent boobs and hips. I liked what I saw.

My sister Judy, who was sixteen, was in her room studying magic. She had got a scholarship for some wizardry school. She always seemed to be studying something. More spells, I guess?

A thought popped into my head. I went over to Judy's door and slowly opened it completely (It was always a little open). 'Dahlia, you know not to interrupt me when I'm studying!' she scolded.

'I'm s-s-sorry. I just had an idea,' I said apologetically. 'Yeah... what?' Judy inquired, finally looking up from her homework. 'I thought it would be fun to see what I would look like in ten years,' I said carefully.

Judy furrowed her brow and said scoldingly, 'magic is not for games, it is serious stuff and can be very dangerous.' I looked down at the floor, surrendering the idea, I said, 'I guess you're right.' I started to sulkily walk out of her room and return the door to its original position.

'Wait,' Judy said contemplatively, looking up at the ceiling and tapping her pen against her chin. 'There is a spell I could do safely and it would be good practice,' she announced. 'Oh yeah?' I asked hopefully.

'I know a spell that can send your mind into the body of your future self,' Judy announced. I was confused, 'Isn't that even more complicated than what I was asking for?' 'Yes and no' she responded. 'It's a spell I already know, so I'm confident that it will work,' she explained.

'Will I be stuck in the future?' I inquired with some concern. 'No no,' Judy responded. 'If there were any chance of that I wouldn't even consider it. Your mind will only be there for half an hour. After that, it will return to the moment your mind left your current body,' she elaborated.

It sounded kind of exciting and being the impulsive person that I am, I replied with an emphatic, 'yes, let's do that!' 'You sure you don't want to think about it first?' Judy asked, knowing the answer, and a little reproachfully. 'No, I'm good,' I said excitedly.

'Okay, here we go,' Judy said while taking her magic wand out of her top desk drawer. 'Wait!' I spat out. 'I want to be in front of the mirror,' I explained. She rolled her eyes, 'You're so vain Dahlia,' she added. I think she's just envious of my looks but whatever.

We made our way over to the mirror. I couldn't help but admire my cute face. I was really starting to look hot. I turned to my right and noticed Judy with her book, looking pretty judgemental.

With the same judgmental look, Judy instructed, 'Whatever situation you find yourself in, it's important that you don't act shocked and don't let anyone know that your mind is from the past.' 'Why's that?' I asked. It's too complicated to explain. Just take my word for it,' she responded. 'Whatever,' I said in uninterested agreement.

Judy read out the spell. All my surroundings changed into something different. However, I was still looking into a mirror, and what I saw returning my gaze made me want to scream in absolute horror.
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Danimal 3 years
@chubbychickluver I honestly can't remember where the photo is from. I've had it on my computer for a while. I cropped it so the faces couldn't be seen since I'm unable to ask permission to use it. The image actually conveys the stage at which she'll beco
Danimal 3 years
@karenjenk, her thoughts on how she'll likely turn out will change as the story progresses so she isn't really forced into the predicament as the characters are in some of my other stories are.

I will add to it as soon as I'm well enough to write again
Danimal 3 years
@curiousv, thanks for the feedback. I'll try to change it accordingly.
Karenjenk 3 years
when will it be updated?
I love the premise here.
When the changes are out of control of the person experiencing them.... or forced on them.
This could be really amazing if you come back to it!
Curiousv 4 years
Interesting idea, but it would help if it was cleaned up a little. Too many adverbs are distractingly overwhelmingly cluttering the text. the many ly ly ly ly ly distract from the reading experience, if you fix that it would improve the story tremendously
Chubbychickl... 4 years
Where's the cover image from? I see why you chose it based on the action in the first chapter.
Danimal 4 years
@Theswordsman A few things might happen in between. smiley
Lpark435 4 years
This is a story that has my attention, I like this kind of story, hoping she decides to use magic and become fat and curvy though her sister; I’m looking forward to updates!
Theswordsman 4 years
Now im wondering when she'll meet her husband to be
Danimal 4 years
I've finished the first chapter and begun on the second.
Danimal 4 years
Thanks smiley
I-am-eightee... 4 years
Interesting story idea and concept, looking forward to seeing this progress!