10 years later, 10 stone fatter

chapter 1

It had been 10 years since I had last seen Debbie. I was 22 & she was 21.We'd had a couple of dates & I being young & idiotic had called it a day too soon.
We found each other online & had been messaging each other regularly. I finally got the nerve to ask if she wanted to meet up.
'How will we recognise each other' I sent, 'It's been a long time, I bet we've both changed a bit, do you still have dark hair, guess you're not a Goth anymore?'
'LOL' she replied 'I have darker hair than I used to, not curly anymore, a straight shoulder length bob. Not a Goth but still prefer to wear black but with splashes of colour. Guess you haven't got bleached blond hair anymore?'
'Close crop now, boring I suppose? 6:30 Tuesday evening then?' I sent back.
'Better late than never! Just one thing' she sent. I waited but nothing further came, 'What one thing?' I asked suspiciously.
'I'm a little bigger than I was 10 years ago.'
I didn't know what to say! She had been the fattest girl I'd been out with at that time, I guessed she was 17 or 18 stone (238 to 252 pounds). I never saw her in tight clothing but even the de riguer raincoat & nearly floor length skirt couldn't hide the biggest boobs & bum I'd seen up to that point. The internet, however, and modern life I guess has since shown any guy with a preference for a larger woman like me bigger & fatter boobs & butts.
'You still there? Not been scared off have you?'she sent.
'Sorry. Phone call' I lied 'See you Tuesday Debbie' I sent. Ignoring the elephant in the room.
'See you Tuesday (I hope!) Paul' she sent back.

A few minutes after 6:30 on Tuesday I walked into the nearly empty coffee shop, I saw Debbie immediately. She was sat at the back, head down reading a book. 'A little bigger?!' I thought 'WOW! she must have put on a stone (14 pounds) for each of these last 10 years!'
As I approached she looked up, 'Hi Debbie' I said, 'Paul!' she exclaimed. She was wearing a voluminous black cardigan over a red, glittery roll neck sweater. Her deep blue eyes sparkled beautifully as she batted thick, dark eyelashes. She had a tiny upturned nose, still with a little stud in one nostril above red, plump, sensuous lips. She sat far back from the table to accommodate her huge belly, which in turn pushed up her enormous boobs to nearly chin level. I say chin but Debbie could hardly be said to have a chin, she'd gone past double, triple or quadruple chins. The fat of her neck made her beautiful face look like it was on a beach ball.
'I'm so glad to see you' she said and moved to stand up. 'Don't get up' I said, 'I'll get a coffee, can I get you anything?'
'I'd love another cappuccino' she said. As she spoke I was mesmerised by the gentle quiver of her neck fat but turned to go to the counter.

I ordered 2 coffees and 2 Danish Pastries & went back to the table. Debbie had put her book away & smiled as I put the food & drink down. 'Not sure if you wanted anything to eat but...' I said. 'I could eat' she said, smiling, a slight flush rising in her cheeks. 'What?' I asked. 'It's just that I've had 3 pastries while I was waiting, I was very early!' she said. 'And?' I said. 'I don't want you to think I'm greedy'. 'Well I wouldn't have known if you hadn't told me. We can all be a little greedy sometimes can't we?' I said smiling. She giggled & blushed even more.

She picked up her Danish & I noticed one of the things I remembered I liked about her, her hands were so fat that when they were flat her knuckles were dimples. With all the extra weight the dimples were much deeper!

As we caught up I tried to take her all in. Her hair was shoulder length, in a black bob with a fringe. She wore just the right amount of make-up to be sexy - black eye-liner & mascara, bright red lipstick, invisible if any foundation. Her skin was flawless & creamy. Under the cardigan I could see her shoulders were well rounded with fat, I thought I could see indentations where the straps of what must be a colossal bra were. As she talked & laughed her neck fat jiggled sexily & her huge boobs bounced on top of massive belly like water filled balloons on a bouncy castle. It was all I could do to keep my eyes on hers & my jaw from dropping on the table! It seemed unbelievable that Debbie had been the biggest girl I'd ever been out with 10 years ago and she was now the biggest woman I'd ever had a date with. What must she weigh! From BBW to SSBBW in 10 years. She had been really pretty and really fat but now she was really pretty and really, REALLY fat!

We'd finished our coffees so I said, 'Fancy dinner?' 'I'd love to' she said, 'there's a really good pizza place around the corner where you can buy it by the slice. And they serve alcohol.''Sounds good to me' I said standing up & putting on my coat.

I stood back as Debbie heaved herself up. I could now see her lower half and what a lower half! She was wearing black leggings & shiny patent leather, pointy toed ankle boots with a 3 inch heel. Making her about 5 foot 7 inches tall. The table had only allowed me to see the upper of her double bellies. The bigger half of her gut was encased in black Lycra & hung in a beautiful apron midway down her gigantic, round thighs. Her legs were massive but still shapely, no folds over the knees or cankles. As she stood & turned to get her coat her belly swung & wobbled alluringly. I realised I was staring but so were other customers. I was staring & loving it, getting so turned on but the other customer's seemed disgusted & amazed at the sight of such an obese woman. I thought I overheard 'fat cow', 'blob', 'massive', 'huge' which turned me on even more!

Debbie turned to pick up her coat & bag and I was grateful she did! I was looking at the most beautiful, biggest & fattest arse I had ever had the privilege to see in the flesh! It was enormous! Massive buttocks straining against the Lycra leggings, dimples visible through the tightly stretched fabric. Her great, big, fat bum shook & wobbled with every slight move. It must have been over 3 feet wide! Debbie's cardigan had ridden up while she was sat down & now rested on her amazing, rounded butt shelf. I've seen the pictures of Kim Kardashian with a champagne glass on her tiny butt shelf, you could get a dozen pint glasses on the Debbie's massive shelf. She clearly measured more around than from head to toe - my ideal woman! She awkwardly pulled down her cardigan & I was glad she was still facing away from me as tightening the cardigan accentuated her sexy rolls of back fat. There were sensuous jiggling rolls under her arms, above & below her bra strap and on either side of her gorgeous butt shelf. She had the 3 Bs of the perfect woman - back fat, belly apron & butt shelf.

She turned pulling on her coat & noticed me staring, 'Hello?' she said frowning a little.'Sorry' I said, 'I was miles away'. 'OK' she said, 'as long as you're not bothered by me'.
'What do you mean?'she didn't answer just looked down & gave her bulging gut a pat sending sensual ripples through the lovely flab.
I leant in closer & whispered 'I was just thinking how beautiful you look'. She looked me directly in the eye, opened her eyes wide and stammered 'Th-th-thanks.' 'Shall we go eat?' I said, motioning her to go before me. Being gentlemanly & to give myself another view of that magnificent ass!

Debbie waddled out of the coffee shop, pushing chairs aside with her huge hips. Her coat hid her contours but it could not hide her fantastic size, her stupendous width. She waddled with slight side to side steps due to the fat of her thighs which, in the leggings, made a very sexy shushing noise.
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QuebecFA 6 years
I am really enjoying the story! Will there be a Chapter 4 in the near future? :-)
Emmaa 6 years
Please continue smiley
RFBurton 6 years
Excellent first effort that has me asking....will there be more? Great job!