5 minute fiction

Chapter 1 - the business trip

You turn your key in the door, just back from a successful business trip abroad; successful but long.

"Honey I'm home" you call out into the house, you're still a little put out that your girlfriend didn't meet you at the airport but you figured she had a good reason.

"Through here baby" you hear her call from the living room.

On making your way through you lay eyes on her and your jaw drops

"Welcome home" she says with a big grin, a grin that is framed by chocolate.

You take in the sight before you, where once your moderately chunky girlfriend would have been sitting sits an undeniably fat girl, belly resting on her thighs, tits jiggling as she continues to snack on the assorted cakes and pastries around her.

"I got to thinking, gobble gobble, about what you said about letting go and living a little, munch munch, I think you're right, why don't you grab an eclair and take a load off? I think we have many horizons to broaden"

I have to tell you how amazing it is to go to bed at night and find these lovely little chocolates on your pillow.

Those lovely little squares of decadence, you wouldn't normally eat chocolate right before bed but how can you resist?

With their bright paper band around a shiny foil wrapping, a different colour every night.

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, sometimes mint, sometimes hazelnut.

Oh and they're the really expensive ones too! I know because of how much weight I've put on from them.

I always seem to wake up a little softer, the pull of my breasts as they appear heavier every morning, my little belly that now creases into several distinct rolls, the spread of my hips as I sit at the breakfast table.

I'm certain I should be alarmed by this but I simply can't find the will to.

I should probably be a bit concerned about where they're appearing from too.

I live alone.

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

Be Careful What You Wish For
"I'm bored" whined Analise as she lazed in her office chair. "There's no work to do and I have nothing in common with these old crones" she thought to herself.

"This job sucks!" She spat "I wish I could be doing anything else!"

Funnily enough, just at that time, someone else in the building was having similar thoughts.

"My feet hurt and my back is killing me" thought Pat "I have so much more work to do since they let Dorothy go, oh how I wish I could do something else" she said to no-one in particular.

A brief dizzy spell caused both women to momentarily close their eyes. When they opened them they had rather different reactions.

"Oh my! I'm young, I'm beautiful, I'm slim!" Exclaimed Pat as she gazed into the reflection of her monitor.

"Hey Patricia, the girls downstairs say it's gonna be another couple of hours until we get some work through, why don't you come chat with us?" Asked one of her new co-workers.

"Absolutely" beamed the new Patricia, happy to be around such nice people and to relax a while.

Meanwhile, several floors down.

"Argh!" Screamed Analise as she saw her reflection in the polished door of the elevator. Dressed in the company's cleaning uniform, she saw a fat old woman staring back at her.

"Anna! Keep the noise down and get on with it! We don't pay you to stand around or do you want to go the way of your mate Dorothy?" Asked a burly man who the new Anna could only guess was her new line manager.

"Yes Mr Sinclair, sorry sir" she found herself saying.

As she hefted her belly with her two hands she had one thought.

"Be careful what you wish for."
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PrincessBlurmy 4 years
I've toyed with the idea of writing a story about a woman on the run from the Flexi-Loss refund enforcement agency, could be fun.
Shammyboy 4 years
Flexi-loss would be a fun full story