6 steps to heaven

chapter 1

'It's just... too much'
Famous last words before Molly Sweeney devolved into a true, insatiable glutton. A once fit, active, budding law student now turned into an obese, desparate pig whom I had firmly under my thumb. Remember how thin you used to be? The sweet little brummie girl with all those friends and accolades... They've all left you now. Food will never leave you.

Molly fidgeted where she stood, the sudden realisation of how horrifically her life had spiralled out of control since we met. Quivering with the anticipation of what decision she had to choose... we both knew she was already too far gone. 'Hnghhh... I can't help it... I'm just so hungry all the time...' (The appetite stimulants I'd hidden in all her home cooked meals had seen to that) 'And my head is just so foggy, I can barely even remember anything from my course...' (all the prescription sedatives I'd slipped into her drinks had turned her brain to mush) 'I just HATE exercising too, my thighs chafe so badly when I walk, and my belly slaps my thighs if I even attempt to run... I used to have a thigh gap... I used to be a C cup... my tits are fucking huge and sag so low now...' A tear began to roll down her chubby cheek, I embraced her panicked form and wiped them away with a soft touch. "There there Molly, this is nothing to get so worked up about... it was bound to happen eventually, all that partying and indulging... You don't keep a youngsters fast metabolism forever." (Despite the fact she was only 23) I picked a large cupcake up off the kitchen side: salted caramel, her favourite. "THIS is your happiness now, don't try to fight it... you know how delicious it all is..."

She met my gaze with an almost angry expression, she knew I could push her buttons. "I mean look at your family... your mum, your dad, your brother, they're all overweight... your last name is Sweeney for god sake! It's one step away from SWINE"... She trully hadn't even contemplated that before, and it only added to the need to give in to her depraved, disgusting desires. 'Mmmm I mean...... okay you're right!... but...' "BUT WHAT?!" I shouted out, this was such a vital turning point to corrupting her and it all needed to come out RIGHT NOW. 'I can't fit in any of my clothes! I mean I'm in a 3x now and I can feel a draft on the bottom of my belly from it sticking out!' This was true, I glanced down (as if it wasn't glaringly obvious) to see the delightful dimple at the bottom of her gut just separating both sides of it jutting out. I smirked devilishly, what a lovely sight to behold. 'It's not normal to have so many stretch marks! I wake up everyday feeling more bloated than the last... my back hurts constantly from all this fat.' She grabbed her doughy midriff and shook it for emphasis. All 350lbs of her continued to wobble for a longer length of time than you would think. "Shh shh shh, this is silly talk now. It's in your genes, you're destined to grow and grow babe. We wouldn't be having this conversation right now if you hadn't enjoyed every take away, every late night snack run, every drive thru dinner, every midnight binge... You never said no then, did you?.. DID YOU?"

She was so torn, her emotions were frantic. 'NO! I DIDN'T! You're right... you're always right... I just love food so much...' "Then what's the problem?! You've got a free pass to stuff yourself silly everyday whilst I wait on you hand on foot... do you know how many girls would KILL to be in your position?" 'Nnnnf it's just, my friends don't live like this...' "Friends?! Haha what friends? You haven't talked to them in months, you left them behind because you were always moaning about how 'boring' they were with their diets and gym sessions... Besides, you're the lucky one! You don't need them when you can literally eat anything you want ALL the time with no consequences." (And yet those consequences would soon rear their head at her next doctor's checkup, I'm sure) "You've got a golden ticket to a blissful life without worries, can't you see it!" She stood there so mentally vulnerable, starting to believing every little perfect lie I told her. The tears quickly began to turn into an expression of defeat, then to one of acceptance and quicker than I thought, to one of slight pride... 'When you put it like that... all of this does seem a bit silly, oh Matthew I'm so sorry for moaning at you again!' She reached her short, jiggly arms out to hug me. But I stopped her advances.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Excellent perverse erotica!