A Dream Come True.

Chapter 1

One day, I came home from a long business trip, tired and exhausted. As I took off my jacket and settled my luggage, I noticed a bright yellow piece of paper with writing on it. I picked it up from the couch.

"Come upstairs. I got a surprise for you."

It was from my wife.

My beautiful, attractive wife Felicia. We have been married over a year now, and it has been pleasant so far. Smooth brown skin, silky hair, bright blue eyes, amazing smile...man, it just makes me happy thinking about her.

She also had an amazing pear shaped body she loved. It was perfect on her. Those yummy hips, thighs, breasts, and that small, bulging little belly make me smile.

Lucky man I am.

I went upstairs to our bedroom, changed into my house wear of a T-shirt and mesh shorts, and heard my wife speak.

"Alan, is that you?"

"Yes, it's me."

Her voice came from the bathroom. She spoke again.

"I'll be out in a minute. Wait by the bed."

Excitement rushed throughout my body. I sat on the edge of the bed, anticipating the surprise I needed from a long trip.

I heard a series of noises. Creaking, a bit of grunting, and soon the bathroom door opened to a surprise I didn't expect.

It was Felicia. My wife. Bigger than before.

She stood in front of the door, flashing that sexy smile on her face that now had the addition of a second chin.

Felicia's body was a sight. Legs and thighs were bigger, breasts stretching a green tank top. And that little jelly belly? Now, it's a beautiful apron of fat that was hanging, at the top of her thighs.

"Hi Alan. I missed you so much during these two weeks. I read your e-mail about your 100,000th sale, so I decided to celebrate by putting on some weight for you. 400 pounds of Felicia. Hope you like."

Speechless. Amazed. Exceedingly happy. These feelings were in me at this moment.

"Baby, I sure do."

Her smile widened. "I knew you would."

She walked toward me slowly. I took in the sights as she giggled. She stopped right in front of me, and all I saw was belly. Her belly. My eyes were front and center at the fleshy orb, noticing the smooth skin and deep navel. Then, Felicia shook it wildly. Big bouncing brown belly flesh in my eyes.

I was hypnotized.
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