A Growing Star - Conclusion

Chapter 1

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Since Donnie had hit 320lb ours lives were so much better. It was as if Donnie had seen the light and was given a new lease of life. He was a changed man, and gone were the days of depression and self doubt. Here was a man who was fat and very happy! The night I came back to him was pure poetry. After we had stood and laughed and hugged, apologised and cried we went upstairs into the master bedroom and made love.

‘So, come on then big boy, show me what you’ve got.’ I said with a smile. Donnie stood at the foot of the bed in only his underwear. ‘Notice anything familiar?’ he said. I looked at the black underpants he was wearing and let out a howl. They were the same ones he had worn in the ‘Rocking DJ’ video, only now the tiger motif was stretched to the limit and was so distorted it was comical. ‘I thought I would give you a little of the old me and a lot of the new!’ he said smiling. ‘Come over here then Tiger and let me give you a hell of a lot of me!’ I was so damn horny. I had waited for 6 months to get my hands on Donnie and at times thought it might never happen. I would have been happy coming back to the slim version of Donnie all his fans knew but I would be lying if I was to say I wasn’t over the moon to have Donnie as he was now, a hugely fat, bloated beast of a man!

As soon as he got onto the bed I grabbed him and pushed him onto his back, that took some effort and I knew he would be getting off on the fact that now he could easily dominate me. Lying there on his back he looked like a beached whale. His belly has spread out and his moobs had shifted under his armpits. It was funny because even though there was more of him there looked like the same amount of chest hair, it was still thick and furry. His nipples had stretched now and were about 3 times the size they had been, they had started to get erect and I could hear Donnie’s breathing deepen. I was shaking slightly as I was so turned on, so utterly pumped that the slightest touch from his fingers made me shudder. Looking at his face as he lay was amazing, his double chin was thick and meaty, his cheeks were fuller and his lips seemed plumper. He was always beautiful but now he was breathtaking.

‘What ya thinking?’ he asked. ‘Like you don’t know?’ I replied. ‘Can I have a kiss?’ he reached out his thick arms and pulled me towards him. I sank into his ample flesh and let out a staggered breath. As our lips touched you could feel the electricity between us crackle. We started out soft and passionate but soon our tongues were exploring each others mouths, kissing hard and long. I could feel Donnie’s fat pushing into me and my erect dick was digging into the bottom of his gut. I started to move my pelvis back and forth and soon my dick found his big deep cavern of a navel. It just felt so natural to fuck his navel and Donnie pulled back his head, breaking our kiss and groaned a deep and guttural groan. The rest of our encounter I will leave to your imagination!

Donnie realised that he couldn’t stay hidden for long and that sooner or later he would have to start living a real life again, which meant showing his fattened face in public. After a lot of soul searching he decided to call his management team to the house and have a meeting to discuss any future he may have. The day of the meeting came and Donnie was pacing the floor. I have never seen him so nervous.

‘Are you worried what they are going to say?’ I asked. ‘Yeah, they aren’t exactly going to be happy. I am more nervous about my future plans though. I think we can safely say my singing career will be over.’

‘So what are you going to do? Is there anything else you want to do?’ I asked.

‘Haven’t given it a whole lot of thought, been to busy looking after this beast’ he said giving his big pot of a gut a good slap. It always made me smile when Donnie did something like that, it showed me that he really had embraced the life of a fat man, and it was wonderful.
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