A Tale of Two Feeders

Chapter 1 - 1

My truck bounced into the lot and I parked in front of Maria's place. I had been coming here every night for two weeks and Maria's cooking was really beginning to show on my gut. I slipped in the door just before closing time and she smiled at me. I took a seat near the back of the small restaurant and looked at the menu. Out of the corner of my eye I watched Maria. She was beautiful: big brown eyes and a tangle of curly brown hair. She had wide hips and a soft, bulging belly. Her jeans were tight, rolls of soft fat squeezed over the top and jiggled when she moved. She wore a low cut sweater and the quivering of her cleavage was beyond distracting. She jiggled over to my table and took my order.
"Are you sure that's enough," she said giggling at my large order, " that belly looks like it can hold a little more now than when you first started coming here."

I blushed, "I know, I can't resist your food, I'm going to get huge if I don't stop coming here."

Maria's face broke into a big smile, "I'd love to see that, nothing sexier than watching a hot guy totally let himself go."

My cock hardened against my tight jeans, I blushed even deeper, then moaned. Maria leaned down and brushed her lips against my ear, "Oh, you like that, don't you? Is that why you've been in here every night, hmmmm, you want me to fatten you like a pig?"
"Yes, oh god, yes, please." I said before I could stop myself.

Maria laughed confidently then patted my belly. "Unzip your pants, chubs, I'll be right back." She disappeared into the kitchen and returned with two large platters of food. She placed them in front of me and pulled a chair alongside mine.
"I'm going to stretch you out nice and big so you can hold plenty of food. Now open up."
I moaned as she began shoving food in my eager mouth.
"Rub your cock while I feed you," she said, "That's a good boy, Maria's going to make you nice and fat."
I groaned with desire. My gut stretched as she fed me, my nipples hardened, my balls tightened. I could feel myself giving in. I imagined how good it would feel to let this beautfiful woman fatten me like cattle.
When Maria was done with me, I was packed so tight I was panting. She kissed me lightly on the lips, nibbled my ear and whispered,
"I want you here every night until you're so ***ing fat your wife leaves you. Then, and only then, will I let you start ***ing me. You are going to get very good at jerking yourself off in the meantime." My head spun with lust, I stumbled to my feet and waddled to the truck, my pants still unzipped.
I was there every night and the feedings continued for several weeks. I was swelled like a balloon.

One evening, Maria sent me home more stuffed and horny than usual. I intended to go straight to bed and lay there enjoying the feeling of my engorged belly. As I undressed, my wife came out of our bathroom. I had my shirt off and my unzipped pants fit like a second skin. My gut was packed and jutting out comically, my thickening love handles swelled over the waistband of my pants. I heard her gasp at the sight of me. My nipples stiffened. Excitment stirred in my chest. She dropped her towel and came towards me. This is it, I thought, we're going to have the "fat talk." I smiled at thought of Maria's promise to fatten me into divorce. My wife slid her arms around me and moaned deep and guttural. Her breath quickened, she lovingly squeezed my belly.

"Oh god, baby, I've been trying to keep quiet,I was so afraid if I said something you'd start dieting," she pinched a love handle and kissed my softening chest, " but...but you've been eating like such a ***ing pig, getting so FAT. I can't help myself." She pushed me to the bed and jerked my pants to my ankles, my aching cock sprung loose and flapped back and forth. I tried to sit up and talk to her.

"Don't you dare move, fat boy, I've been trying to fatten you up for the last four years and it's finally happening, you just lay there while I enjoy this moment."

Pain and desire and relief crossed her face. I realized how frustrated she must have been hoping I would eventually fatten only to be disappointed year after year. She straddled me like a jockey mounting a fat horse and began to ride slowly using two handfuls of belly like reins.
"Oh you naughty ***ing hog," she panted as she ***ed me, "getting so fat mama can't resist you." She came quickly and again and again . I lay there like a beached whale as she ***ed the bottled up desire out of her system. I had never seen her happier - or more satisfied.
We lay together after, kissing and cuddling, and she stroked my softening body. I told her about Maria − she loved the idea of her husband being fattened by another woman. The next evening when I pulled into Maria's, my wife was with me.

Anger clouded Maria's face as she saw a strange woman at my table. She came quickly to the table, but before she could speak my wife cut her off.
"Are you the one who's been fattening my husband like a prize hog?"

Maria stammered, my wife continued.

"Look at this ***ing belly you've put on him," she jerked up my shirt and slapped my bloated pot, "I can't believe how big he's gotten in the last two months."

Maria read the situation correctly and grabbed a handful of my fat and wobbled it.

"If he wasn't such a greedy fat ***, I wouldn't have to stuff him like a ***ing pig every night."

My wife moaned with pleasure, " Oh Maria, you beautiful chubby chaser, please bring him twice what you normally feed him. Now that he has two feeders, he'll be eating twice as much."

Maria laughed loud, "oh goodness, he's going to get VERY big, Senora."
And I did.

Maria loaded the table with food and then, as she giggled excitedly, crawled under the table. She pulled my cock out and began sucking enthusiastically. My eyes rolled back. I gasped. My wife stuffed bite after bite into my mouth while telling me how fat I was going to get, very fat and very submissive, she said. I was in heaven. Maria slurped happily. My gut stretched, stretched, stretched with food. My wife was giddy with desire. When I was finally so full I could take no more, Maria came out from under the table as my wife rubbed my bloated belly. Maria leaned over to kiss me and a thick fat roll popped out from under her sweater. Without missing a beat, my wife grabbed and pinched the roll.
"Look at this," she said waggling the thick roll of tummy fat, "looks like my husband's not the only greedy porker around here."

Maria's breathing quickened. A wave of pure desire rippled through her body.
My wife said, "Sit down next to my husband, you overstuffed ***, let's see how much food we can shove in you."

Maria sat down excitedly. My wife continued, "Unbutton your pants, fatso, you're going to make yourself come while I feed you like a fat sow."
"Oh yes, please Senora, feed me, feed me like a pig." Maria said panting.

She slid her hand down the front of her pants and began masturbating feverishly. My wife shoved handfuls of the remaining food into her mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Maria's belly stretching with each mouthful, inching farther and farther out onto her lap. Soon she was as bloated and stretched out as I was and sat back glassy-eyed. My wife stood and gloated over her two fattened hogs.

"I want to watch you two try and *** each other," my wife said laughing, then patted both our tight bellies, "it should be quite a sight with these two bowls of lard in the way."

Maria and I waddled slowly to the kitchen, groaning and panting the entire way. My wife helped me onto a large, sturdy prep table and eased me onto my back. I lay there, incredibly aroused and naked. She said to Maria, "Climb up on him, you overstuffed cow." Maria moaned excitedly and struggled onto the table. With some effort, she was able to get me inside her and straddle me. Our food-packed bellies pressed uncomfortably. I was useless, all I could do was lay there and moan. Maria wriggled and bounced very slowly, each movement causing pressure on our bulging, packed tummies . Oh, what wonderful pain, so painfully stuffed while ***ing, mmmmm. We both came quickly. My wife broke into a huge grin, "That was so hot. I've never seen two people move less when ***ing. Your bellies are so round, I'm amazed you could *** at all! " She threw her head back and laughed.

These feedings continued and the pounds piled on. My wife kept lithe and fit, Maria and I ballooned. Maria grew quite fat, but my gain was the most alarming. Maria's feedings were limited to our nightly meetings, my wife, however, kept me eating around the clock. Every moment my mouth was empty my wife took as an invitation to feed me: fast food, pastries, cakes, pies, midnight snacks, second helpings, third helpings, fourths. I grew hoggishly fat.

After a year at the hands of my two feeders, I was unrecognizable to anyone who knew me before. My belly stuck out embarssingly and jiggled violently whenever I moved. My love handles swelled into thick,wobbly, bulging loaves of lard that folded over the waistline of my pants. My thighs and ass grew heavy and dimpled and jiggled rhythmically when I walked; my bloated buttocks bounced, my thighs rubbed. I got out of breath just waddling to the refrigerator.
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FrecherTyp 8 years
hehe that is an interesting story where his wife starts fattening up maria and him thehe

i like twisted stories ^^

thanks for writing ;-)
Badhansel 9 years
What a wonderful, wicked story! Grunt-grunt.
Balloon 9 years
So deliciously erotic!
Built4com4t 9 years
a wild, unrealistic, impractical fantasy...loved it