A Trucker's Tale

Chapter 1

Recently on a road trip I stopped inside a Pilot truck stop, somewhere in Indiana near Terra Haute, for some gas and coffee. It was around 1:30am, and after driving for hours, I sat down inside at a booth with my coffee. I'll never forget the story I heard from one of the two truckers sitting behind me. As soon as I heard the words 'fattest girl I ever saw,' I couldn't help but hit record on my cell phone. Here is the rough transcript...

T1 - Trucker 1

T2 - Trucker 2

T1 - "So that all sounds good and dandy, but...I seen something nobody much has ever, I can guarantee that."

T2 - "Nobody's bigger than that chick I saw at In'n'Out."

T1 - "Would ya just shush up and listen? I'm tellin ya..."

T2 - "Fine, go ahead."

T1 - "Alright...so, I was in and around North Platte, Nebraska. It was REAL windy I remember. So, it's around 7:30 and I felt like having some dinner or something, so I pull into some diner, Penny's or whatever. I walk in and wait a little while for a seat. The place didn't seem crowded. It was strange, and there was minor commotion I heard in the distance. Didn't think much of it."

T2 - "Okaaayyyyy..."

T1 - "SO! I am led around the corner by a very beautiful little midwestern doll of a waitress to my booth. She was so cuuuute."

T2 - "I ain't heard anything yet."

T1 - "ALRIGHT! So, when I sit down, I notice quite a few people lookin at somethin behind me. So I looked around, and BAM! This woman had to be a solid 600 to 650 pounds. She was dressed all gaudy with this fancy red blouse and belt number that clearly was not fitting too loosely around this fatty."

T2 - "No way."

T1 - "Look here, I snapped a photo on my cell phone."

(I sooo wish I could see that pic!!)

T2 - "Whooaaaa! I think you won this one...JEEEZ she's HUGE!"

T1 - "Hell yeah she's huge. If you notice, she is sitting on some kind of utility bench. I bet she couldn't sit in those regular chairs. Her ass is spilling out over that thing anyway."

T2 - "That dress looks so tiny on her, but they have to be big enough for a blanket. She is dressed very fancy...huh?"

T1 - "Well, supposedly I heard she is the daughter of some crazy rich farm tycoon in that area. They kinda run the place, and after what happened people said they heard of her for years of sneaking around town, hidden in her Mercedes, and just pigging out."

T2 - "How do they know that?"

T1 - "Well I talked to some people at the diner later that night who work at some of the restaurants and fast food places there, and they can only assume that she ate all of the ridiculous orders she placed with them."

T2 - "Huh...alrighty then."

T1 - "Oh, there's more."

T2 - "Like what?"

T1 - "So this giant fat girl is eating there...she has like, 3 tables put together in front of her, and trays on stands next to her with cakes and everything. The tables are CRAMMED with plates of this and that...sooo much fucking food, it was sickening!"

T2 - "No way..."

T1 - "Yup. There were waiters taking away this empty plate and replacing it with somethin fresh from the kitchen. I couldn't look away. It was CRAZY!"

T2 - "So what happened?!?"

T1 - "She was digging in hard to this big plate of spaghetti with the red sauce...twirlin that fork away into a big wad then chompin it down real fast. She was able to strip away all the meat from a fried chicken in one or two spins around her teeth. Really ridiculous shit."

T2 - "No fucking way!"

T1 - "She looked like she was gonna cream her pants when she bit into that chicken cordon bleu...then all the sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, po boys...then, as she's open palm shoving half a po boy down her gullet there's a loud SNAP and POP and everyone there shuddered for a second."

T2 - "WHat happened?"

T1 - "Turns out her belt exploded off her body and the buckle was tossed across the room."

T2 - "Holy shit!...this is like that weird Monty Python shit...I dunno, from one of those movies..."

T1 - "I don't know them much...but, anyway...she just kept on going eatin. Her gut looked real swollen....then she started rippin the cakes apart, gettin real messy...devouring EVERYTHING in reach. Then the manager approaches her and says something as she's chomping away...she pauses, shoves her forearm into her giant pillow tits, and pulls out a black card and hands it to him while whispering something."

T2 - "Huh."
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