Aggressive Expansion Part 2

Chapter 1 - The Feeding Begins

The first thing I did with all my new fat, bestowed on me by the Devil himself for one hour, was take it to the toilet and do my business.

It fascinated me how when I lifted my leg, fat hung off it. I wasn’t a bony sod anymore, I was living my dream! And only for one hour, which made me all the more enthusiastic about it all.

After two minutes of rapid, stretch mark-less growing out, I was now, as I had checked, over 480 pounds. Blimey!

Over the next half an hour, I filmed many videos from sexy angles, clutching my flab in different ways, lying down, sitting, standing. The Devil offered to film me naked and… ahem… enlarge me down there, but I told him no and to get back to controlling the lighting. His attempts to make me horny were proving futile.

I posted pictures of myself on fat-positive websites, ignoring weight loss ads down the sides (who needs them? I laughed cockily) making fat fetishists’ days all in one. It was a time for saying “what the hell” and just doing it, as the Nike ads proclaim. Speaking of clothing, I wore a slightly looser pair of boxers that belonged to my dad because most of my other clothes didn’t fit me anymore.

That’s another thing I did for the camera; filmed me putting on clothes that didn’t fit me anymore and watching the encouraging comments pour in as internet passers-by watched me strain into old shirts, six sizes too small (on one occasion I wore a tight pair of trousers and a shirt, lay on my back, and when I sat up my trouser button and half of my shirt buttons burst open, I think the Devil had something to do with it…). Satan just stood there with his arms crossed most of the time, observing casually with mild amusement, sometimes trying to get me horny, but I just laughed him off.

I frequently fondled my rolls, lifting and holding my belly, fascinated and pleasured by how far my bare thighs spread across the seat, so far that I had to sit with my legs far apart. It was all good.

Then, I decided to film all of me, in my porky glory, sitting a chair eating a yoghurt. “Haha, good luck,” the Devil enthused, leaving the room.

As I slowly ate the yoghurt for the camera, still not really horny but enjoying myself intently, I felt one hundred percent fat, but in control. That’s when it happened.

People watching the video later would see me turning my head to look at something with a confused expression. What I saw was the Devil entering the room pushing a massive cart full of food into the room with a grin on his face. I started to get up.

“Don’t strain yourself, tubby,” he said, and I lowered myself back into my seat.

“What are you doing?” I hissed. His grin widened, revealing rows of pointy, jagged teeth.

“I’m FEEDING you.”

I recoiled and made a grunting noise in effort as I tried to move, but he pushed me back down again.

“Ssh,” he soothed. “Just helping you live your dream. You only have twenty minutes left, and I thought you might as well enjoy it.”

I opened my mouth to protest, but got a doughnut shoved into my mouth instead. I gulped it down, and felt (and heard!) my belly rumbling. I suddenly got quite hungry, and looked at the Devil in anxiety. He sat beside me in a small plastic chair, while I sat in my favourite spinny chair.

I refused to open my mouth upon the next doughnut, but then he poked my flabby pecs and I gasped. He took this opportunity to shove it in, and all I could do was swallow it down, worrying for the future…

“Eat it,” he commanded, holding out a big piece of cake dripping with chocolate. I opened my mouth to protest and he shoved it in, getting it all over my mouth. It was warm and moist, making it painfully easily to swallow whole.

“You’re making this too easy,” he cackled, watching my vulnerably expression. “Betcha can’t eat anymore, you chicken.”

“Of course I can,” I scoffed, “I can eat as much as I want!”

“That remains to be seen,” the devil enthused, a mischievous glint in his eye. “Bet you can’t.”

With that I said “what the hell”, took another lump of cake and shoved it into my maw, swallowing it whole again. The Devil smirked as his plans came together like blood and a shark.
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Shavip 12 years
oh and I liked the devil's hand job. Just fyi.
Shavip 12 years
Fantastic smiley
Feedfig 12 years
More more more more more!
OniGumo 13 years
Great stuff man...though I could have done without the "Devil's hand-job" *shudders*
Giantjay 13 years
This is the most inspiring wg story I've read in quite some time! I REALLY enjoyed it. As much as it's a nice end point, I'd love to see what happened next.