Alyssa's Growth

Chapter 1

[Background, Tom Morgan is a specialist in human biochemistry. His several medical discoveries have granted him the success that any ambitious young scientisr dreams of. They have also granted him the riches we all desire. He owns a large country home, several fancy cars, and a lovely maid who lives with him and whom he also has a flirtatious relationship]

Alyssa lay upon her queen sized bed, her voluptuous body still noticeable underneath the single sheet. It was a warm night in the middle of August, so she had removed her blanket. Alyssa is a striking girl at 5'7" with long, naturally black hair that she normally wears up in a bun two with braided loops, but now ripples down her large DDD cups like twin waterfalls. She is a full figured girl, at 168 pounds and all of it in the right places. Her waist is a slight hourglass shape with a plump rear and an equally stunning bosom. Her red lips are plush, their softness reflected in her sea blue eyes, that could turn seductively steamy in a single bat of her long lashes. Her skin is creamy white with a tinge of rose to it.

As she walks the many paths and corridors to the world of dreams, her bedroom door in the real world opens a crack. Slowly the door opens enough for Tom to slip through and tiptoe inside.He creeps slowly through the room, a syringe in a protective sheath cradled in his hand (the running with scissors rule applies here too).

The liquid contained in this syringe is a specially designed formula that Tom had been dedicating most of his free time between projects to make. It is a serum that slows down the metabolism and reduces the body's ability to break down fat. It also causes a delay between the stomach sending the brain messages to let it know that it is full, therefore increasing appetite and quantity of food consumed.

As Tom approached the bed, he withdraws the syringe from its sheath. When he reaches the bed, he brings the needle closer. Suddenly, Alyssa stirs. With his heart in his mouth, he watches Alyssa curl up and mumble in her sleep. Tom wasn't sure but he thought he caught his name among the syllables. Aiming the syrings, he shoots the serum into her slightly open mouth and quietly sneaks back out of the room. As he reached his bed, he could hardly supress a grin. He was going to look foward for the days to come......

The next morning, Tom slowly gets out of bed, stretching contentedly from a pleasant dreamd and the satisfaction of a hard day's work. Tom is a decent looking man. He is 27 years old, 5'9" and 147 pounds. He has slightly long dirty-blonde hair and emerald green eyes. He is a slim man, but it fits him. His perfect teeth and mischievous smile light up the room.

Despite his success, he was single. He hasn't found some plastic, blonde bobblehead to feed off his assets. He yearns for a different kind of woman. A woman who was intelligent, witty, kind and radiant. He found all those, among many other desirable qualities, in Alyssa. There was one thing, she wasn't big enough. Tom had always had a preference for larger girls and he believed the voluptous Alyssa had the potential to become his dream girl.

But after working for Tom for 4 years, she had hardly gained at all. At the most she gained 10 pounds around the holidays, which wasn't much at all. It was just a slight tightening of her maid's uniform at the barely noticeable belly she had.
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Tjpbeatles 12 years
well kamina, i appreciate your honesty. i will put up a couple more chapters soon. and thank you for liking it so far. and a7883 don't worry, alyssa's only just begun
Kamina 12 years
I won't give you the moon and stars 'til I read the chapters to come, but I will say I like the beginning of Alyssa's gain and how particularly devious Tom's methodology is.
Tjpbeatles 12 years
thank you. this is my first story and i was nervous about posting this.
Tjpbeatles 12 years
yeah i hate the crazy unreasonable weight gain. and thank you very much jazz. i promise i will keep the weight vs time ratio reasonable
Jazzman 12 years
Please do. Very nice story. Please keep the pace reasonable-the big shame would be for her to gain 100 lbs in two weeks. 25 lbs the first month? Maybe.smiley
Tjpbeatles 12 years
sorry it has nothing going on yet, i typed up the first chapter but then the site lost it so i had to retype everything. i'll put a couple more chapters soon