Andy's Assistant

Chapter 1

"Hello, uh, excuse me, but are you Andrew Ricker?" a guy of about 22 asked after knocking on my office door. He smiled cheerily and stood in the doorway waiting for my response.

"Yes, how can I help you?" I asked. He smiled again before he continued.

"Well, I applied for the job as your assistant…"

"Oh, yeah, I remember." I looked into his blue eyes, which were large and reminded me of the bluest of oceans. His brown hair was short and very neat, not like my messy black hair. He was short too, about 5'6, but maybe that was just how I saw it, because I was 6'4.

"My name is Parker Bay and I look forward to working with you." He smiled again. I smiled back this time. His smile was gorgeous and his teeth were immaculate. He was so cute. I liked him already.

"I look forward to working with you too” I said. “Have you ever had a job like this before?"

"Well, no…but I can learn!" He smiled nervously this time and I couldn't tell him I needed someone more experienced. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He was really nervous, probably afraid I’d tell him he hadn’t gotten the job after all.

"Good” I said. He relaxed some and thanked me again before leaving my office.

I had never been so uneasy in my life. He had been here two weeks and really was a fast learner. He always talked to me. He said good morning to me at the beginning of each shift and goodbye at the end of the every day. No one ever talked to me, they talked about me.

I was more of the office joke, even if I was the supervisor. It was always a crack here or a joke there. But I had become accustomed to it, all throughout school I was picked on. It did stop in high school. I grew quite a bit the summer before freshman year, and my dad even taught me how to lift weights. He was even bigger than I was. I graduated at my current height and 249 pounds.

After college I began working where I was currently employed and that was six years ago. I was 28 years old. I thought I was fat then, but now I was around 365 pounds. "I have your forms, Mr. Ricker." I told him he could call me Andrew, but he never did. It was about lunch time and I was getting a bit restless. I always seemed to be hungry.

"Thank you…" I put my hands out to get the forms when they fell through my fingers.

"Oh, sorry,” he said. “I'm so absent-minded." He bent over to pick up the papers and once again I got to take in his beautiful ass. I thought about fucking him constantly, and it had become an obsession. I kind of figured he was gay, but I doubted he'd ever want me. "Here you go." He handed me the papers and my stomach growled.

"Sorry" I said. I couldn’t believe how hot my face got. My stomach growling was only going to make him think of me as even fatter than I already was.

"It's okay." He smiled. "It's lunchtime." I felt my face go hot once more.

"Yeah, I guess I am pretty hungry."

"You are a pretty big guy." He swallowed. " you, maybe, want to go to lunch with me?" I stood up and felt my gut shake a bit. The buttons had given me a difficult time this morning, and I needed to get some new shirts.

We had gone to some fast food place and I told him I would pay, and honestly, I didn't even mind. What he got was only three dollars compared to the ten I spent for myself. He didn't even finish it and he apologized for wasting the food.

I told him if he wasn't hungry he wasn't hungry. He smiled. I knew he was just being nice to me because I was his boss. We made our way back to the office and finished up for the day. "Have a good night Mr. Ricker." He put on his jacket. "Oh, and thanks for lunch."

"No problem. I enjoyed your company." I did enjoy his company. I had to tell myself it wasn’t a date and only lunch between colleagues.

"Are you...going to be much longer?" He asked.

"Yeah, I have some work to catch up on." He started to take off his jacket.

"I can help," he said.

"No, that's okay. Don't ruin your evening" I said, not really wanting to be extremely demanding. I could use some help. The copy room was unbearably small and I didn’t want to have to keep squeezing in and out of there.

"But if you need my help…I can help." He smiled. "It's my job, I'm your assistant."

"Okay." I was glad he wanted to help me. He was the best assistant ever and not just because he had such a fantastic ass.

We worked late a lot, and went to lunch together even more. I was really glad he was so nice. He liked some show about glee club or whatever. I didn't watch that much TV, but I recorded every single episode so I could talk about it with him.

I always told him he could leave but he never did. He never left. He even invited me out to a bar if I ever wanted to go. I think it was just a gesture and I was way too nervous to take him up on the offer, but maybe I could. Maybe I could see if we could work…probably not.
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