Arabian Nightmare

Chapter 1 - prolog

It was a day like each other during the last 2 month. Applaying for a job in Dubai was surely one of his better ideas in the last year. Ok, maybe the summertime will get a bit hot, but right now in January the weather was cool .Steve arrived at his hotel after work around 6 pm. On it's way into to elevator he was planning for the evening. "A fast shower, a few beers and after that into this bar with the nice (and often voluptuous) black hookers!" As the lift doors opened, he recognized much to his delight that inside there where 3 real tall and well shaped African women.
"Good evening ladies" Steve smiled at them, but it seemed that his charm was total wasted at the triple of black amazons. So he turned his back and hit the 16 for his floor. Shortly after the doors closed and the lift was on its way up, all three of the womens shifted closer to him, he realized. Suddenly his arms where fetched by black hands and he felt a small stitch at his neck. He struggled for about 20 to 30 seconds, then his arms and legs went numb and he blacked out . One of the trio took her mobile and was sending a message: 'Target person aquired, delivery in 2 hours at your home. xXx '. The answer plinging in: 'Thx to u, u get ur money as soon as you deliver.' brought a little smile to the her face and she chimed to her two compagnions: 'Let's deliver and collect our fair'. The two others lifted him up without any efford and after reaching the 16 the lift went back down to basement , where he got carried into a big 4x4.

Steve woke up in a strange position, naked and with his legs cuffed to the chair. His head hurt and his vision was blurry, he couldn't focus on anything in the room. Then he heard a voice: 'Stephen C., 35 years, 1.8m, blond hair, weight 73kg. Not married and no children or other living relatives.AM I RIGHT?' When he tried to nod, his head started swirling again and the voice laughed. 'Be carefull, the drugs you got make you a little bit dizzy. So, I may introduce myself' and with this words a woman stepped into his sight. He rubbed his eyes to get a better view and what he saw was amazing: A tall and curvy body of mixed origin, long black hair framed a stunning blue eyed and milk chocolate face.
'I'am Celia, but you can call me Misstress!' she told him.'You might ask why you're here...' but before he could open his mouth he felt a sudden pain at his best pieces.
'No, you won't ask any question or you will feel that again. To summary: You're here because I have a contract to make you into a ever hungry and food addicted piggy!!'
Steve stared at her with wide opened eyes and was asking himself if he's just having a nightmare.
'Normally I do only females, but the payment of this special contract is to good to refuse. So, you see you're tied to this chair, you have some nice shocking device around your balls, where I have the controls, so be a good looser now and do what I demand.'

She gave a short ring and a plate with burgers was set on the table by a small but very chubby asian woman. To this she added two 2L bottles of coke and left the room without any word.' I want to see with what I have to work' Celia said 'So eat and drink as much as you can!' When Steve started to shake his head, she smiled a wicked smile at him and pressed a button on her mobile. Instant pain shook his body. 'Start to eat or I will continue with that!', she stated still smiling at him.
He dug in the burgers and managed it to finish 4 pieces and three quarters of one coke, not without being encouraged by a few more shocks. When he then started puking all out again she shook her had and said: 'Only 4 weeks, and I have a lot of work ahead of me' She gave him a last glance and said: 'Tomorrow we start the prepare you for your future life' She made a sign and all he felt was a sting again...
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Tommmy 9 years
Wow. Great ! please continue soon
ChaosFA 9 years
We will see smiley!
Boomer 9 years
I'm truly enjoying this story. I hope you will continue. When will poor Belly finally meet his mistress. Will she explain why she choose him; and what are her plans for Belly?
Tommmy 9 years
Love it love it!!! Please continue soon.
Tommmy 9 years
Wow. Please continue it very soon!
Built4com4t 9 years
a great fantasy and decently written considering unfamiliarity with the language...keep it coming!
ChaosFA 9 years
I'am working on part two. Will come online as soon as i finish another 2 chapters smiley
Ateitall 9 years
I can't wait to hear what happens next! Thank you for the story I thoroughly enjoyed it.