Betrayed by her own body

Chapter 1 - awakening

Her eyes open, blinking rapidly trying to clear the sleep and confusion from her head while she tries to make sense of her surroundings. She tries to move, but finds herself restrained, her wrists bound together above her head.

She begins to panic, realizing that her slim toned body is naked, that her mouth is filled with a gag, and her legs are spread wide by a saddle type arrangement. Most horrifying to her is that her sex is impaled on what feels like a large dildo. She struggles, rapidly realizing the futility of her movement as her thighs remain bound to the saddle and the dildo remains in place.

Experimenting, she manages to raise herself a few inches, the ribs of the cock embedded in her causing the folds of her vulva to ripple as it emerges from her body. Relaxing back down, she is surprised by a whirring sound, and as she takes the dildo back inside her it begins to vibrate, slowly at first, and more rapidly as she lowers herself back into the saddle.

The vibrations reach their peak as she settles her engorged lips onto the seat, her intimate lips spread around the base of the cock. As she pushes down, her body subconsciously responding to the vibrations, the sweet sensation comes to a halt, even as she grinds her pussy into the flared base of the dildo. At that moment she feels a squirt, and a rush of sweet, warm liquid into her mouth. She gags in surprise, panicking as she tries to expel the fluid, before she calms as she realizes it does not taste bad, and swallows it.

A voice sounds, and she looks around her at a small, plain room, not seeing any obvious source.

"Relax. You are in no danger. You do need to understand your predicament however. The saddle you are riding is a Sybian. A powerful vibrating core with a dildo attachment that you will remain impaled on. Pushing down with your pelvis so that you vulva a clit press on the platform will cause it to vibrate for 30 seconds. Each time that happens, a shot of high calorie syrup and butter mix will be pumped into your mouth using the gag. You will have to swallow it. Periodically the shot will contain a sleeping drug, sometimes a powerful aphrodisiac. If you're able to control your sexual urges, you will be able to gain a nutritious diet, but if your libido gets the better of you you will rapidly ingest tens thousands of calories. Good luck. You're going to be here a while."

She struggles again, suddenly realizing the nature of her predicament, and in the course of her thrashing, activates the vibrations. Moaning, she presses down with her hips, grinding against the saddle until the sweet ministrations stop and she is rewarded with another jet of sweet buttery syrup in her mouth...
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Hazardose 7 years
More please
Ralirokos 10 years
Amazing piece of writing and well articulated. This story really paints a picture in your mind. I would love to read more of this. You should defiantly expand on the story.
Giantjay 10 years
This is getting very good now! I think we need to see part 2 - how does she react to being home? Can't wait!
TheDemolitio... 10 years
Wow that was some wonderful writing and a great story. I surely hope you continue the story in some manner. Either having her fail, yearn and purposefully fail or accomplish their "request." Or maybe even meet someone that went to the police. LOL Any of those scenerios would be absolutely amazing.
Jazzman 10 years
Will there be an epilogue of the year following? You set it up with great potential for a huge gain that is actually quite possible! If she makes the mark every week but with an extra half lb to be safeshe would gain 182 lbs. This is some artsy fabulous writing. Riveting
FoodieChef 10 years
You're very kind.
Nok 10 years
Ho-ly shit. that's hot. unbelievable. might be the best sex writing I've ever seen on here. If you do as well with the inner conflict, humiliation, and weight gain, it will be my all-time favorite, hands down. Amazing.
Splatacaster 10 years
This story is amazing!
FFenthusiast 10 years
There are stories on here that are so-so. We all appreciate the so-so ones. Sometimes even the bad ones have really great elements...this is absolutely fantastic.
Fatmandu 10 years
Another great chapter. Please keep going!
Kamina 10 years
I love the build-up; you aren't utilizing gain pursay, just the implication of it thus far.
Shavip 10 years
Damn, this is good! Please continue!
Jazzman 10 years
Excellent. And timely updates too!
Azerty 10 years
Awesome story. More please
Wolfpack72 11 years
Awesome! more!
Tommmy 11 years
Wonderful!! Please continue it soon,
Nok 11 years
second chapter is as good as the first, if not better. Is that shit addictive too?
Bellyastic 11 years
Yes, def need to continue.
Giantjay 11 years
Really nice setup. Well written, too. But I wish it had more to it - I think this was posted way too early?
Nok 11 years
Brilliant. The first word that comes to mind, and I see to other minds as well. Hopefully this will be more than a one-shot.
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