Caffeine for The Chemist's Dreams

  By Djm

Chapter 1 - the chemist

The glass door swung open and peering over the top of the counter Jacob totally lost his train of thought.


She said as she walked along the counter through the open hatch and into the wash room. He couldn't believe his eyes. As he turned his head to take a second glance he spluttered


In response

'I'm Ja'

But she had already gone up the stairs to the staff room. Jacob returned to filling the shelves below the counter with the re-washed coffee cups. Re-washed because the Friday night crew obviously decided that they had much better things to do than finish the jobs they were paid for. This was nothing new, not that he minded, he had often been out the door as fast as his legs would carry him at the end of shift. Today his mind wasn't on the job, WHO WAS SHE??? Jacob had long had a thing for the rubenesque and watching girls eat, and though the new mysterious girl wasn't exactly big, she had mass in the right places, the perfect voluptuous hourglass. The image of her butt just before the internal door at the bottom of the stairs obscured his view was stained on his retina. Lost in the immediate mundane and what he had just seen, he hardly heard the first wave of customers enter the run of the mill coffee shop, on the very ordinary fast becoming clone town high street.
Amanda, 'Maddie' pinned her brand new name badge on to her crisp new uniform as a final act of preparation. Looking in the mirror she couldn't help thinking that her most recent attempt at dieting was a waste of time. She had been so unhappy recently, what with trying to find a job, that useless *** Rob and his manipulation, and yet another ineffective fad diet. She had resolved in her head that she would just try and be happy regardless of her situation, men, and her weight. Besides she was on the up, and it was time to start her new job. Hair, make-up both fine as she took a last glance in the mirror. With a smile on her face she took to the stairs, tying her hair back. Racking her brain as she descended the name Jacob reappeared.


Most shifts seemed to drag for Jacob, especially Saturdays but he had no choice other than work all the hours god sent. Between his bio-chemistry degree and paying his fees he had to be a busy boy. Today was different though. The shop was unusually busy and Maddie had to be shown the ropes. Under other circumstances it could have been quite stressful, but every time Jacob looked at Maddie he melted slightly. Every part of her was almost perfect in Jacob's eyes, her thick curly hair, milky white skin, button nose, full lips, and green eyes. Her ample breasts, wide obviously fleshy hips, and fullish stomach, the work skirt she was wearing under her apron really didn't do her butt justice. He knew that because the figure hugging jeans she was wearing when she entered that morning framed it so well. Most girls Jacob met he thought could do with putting on a few pounds and Maddie was no exception, only she had the potential to become the girl of his fantasies with a good bit of added bulk.


Jacob heard over his shoulder as he collected cups from a freshly vacated table near the door. It was Jo.

'Hello baby, how has your day been?'

He said turning to greet her as she entered the shop. Jo tiptoed up and gave him a peck on the cheek and walked past him putting her bags down beside one of the nice single seat sofas.

'Oh it's been fine, lazy really'

She said talking to the floor as he snuck a peak at her burgeoning butt. Jo and Jacob had been seeing each other for ages. Childhood sweethearts they knew each other so well. Jacob loved Jo but it never stopped him looking at other women. A short rotund girl Jo was more than comfortable with her weight, and knew Jacob loved to see her well-fed. She played to his desires by occasionally over eating for him, well how could she not Jacob's culinary skills were excellent and she knew how much he enjoyed watching her do it.

'I wish I could say the same thing, it been really busy here today'

'Aww you poor thing'

Jo said, as she turned and Jacob put dirty cups on the bar at the same time grabbing a cloth.

'Hey Maddie'

Jacob called across the room towards the wash room

'This is my girlfriend Jo. Maddie just started today, she's done really well'

Maddie blushed a little having felt like a bit of an idiot most of the day having to have most things explained to her.

'Hi Jo, pleased to meet you'

'Oh Cool, how are you enjoying it? I hope Jake has been patient'

'Oh he has'

She said as she returned to her duties.

Loading the dishwasher with much need cups Maddie was a little stunned by the size of Jacob's girlfriend. Wow she is big girl. Neither of them had got the subject of partners or much else for that matter. Her day had been filled with learning how to operate the coffee machine, the coffee shop language and preparing drinks.
The shop was quiet for the first time today except for a couple at the back of the shop sipping mochas, nibbling a couple of pieces of tiffin, and talking about potential holiday destinations.

'What did you buy then?'

Jacob said raising his eyes to the bags Jo had brought in with her.

'Oh just some new work gear, the old stuff is very comfortable any more, I think I must have put on some weight'

She said biting her lip.

'Don't worry I didn't spend much they were doing 3 for 2 in H&M'

'I'm not worried honey it's your money'

Jacob had always found girls taking about weight gain sexy, and he had had his part to play in Jo's recent weight gain. He knew why she had popped in and was waiting for her to ask as he quickly wiped the recently vacated table down.

'Maddie, has Jacob made you one of his amazing milkshakes yet'

Jo projected towards the washroom.
Walking back through with a tray full of clean cups and plates Maddie smiled towards Jo.

'No not yet'

'Well Jake makes the best milkshakes don't you babe'

'I'm not bad'

'Rubbish, stop being so modest'

'Well I have been watching my weight recently but I haven't really stopped today so I guess it couldn't hurt'

'I stopped watching my weight a while ago when I decided that I just love food so much, life is too short'

Jo and Maddie shared a smile.

'Go on, I'll take care of those, you go and take a break and I'll knock-up some shakes'

'Thanks Jake'

Maddie said with a hint of sarcasm, Jacob gave her a knowing look, before taking the tray of warm cups from her hands. The girls sat together as Jacob set to work. Jo's favourite milkshake from Jacob's repertoire was chocolate and strawberry and he had no hesitation in grabbing all the bits he needed from the fridge-freezer, after hurriedly putting the clean cups in there neat lines under the counter. The recipe was basically the same as the normal coffee house one, only Jacob added his own twist, combining both chocolate and strawberry flavours in one glass. Popping the ingredients in the food processer one at a time, he closed the lid and gave it a blitz; instead of 1 scoop of each ice cream he added 2 per person. Twice the amount of strawberries, twice the amount of chocolate, then after a couple more seconds he lashed in a good helping of double cream, stopping looking at the pot, before throwing more in for good measure. He smiled to himself knowing that this far exceeded the 650 calories that the fact and figures suggested on the laminated counter top menu, but that was how Jo liked it. He wished he could serve this cup of indulgence to every woman that came in. As he blitzed it for a final time, the thought crossed his mind that it was little wonder that she had put on weight since he'd started working at the coffee shop. At 5'2 there wasn't a great deal of space for the extra calories to hide. To Jacob's pleasure her breast, hips, and legs had seen the share of her most recent growth. It was obvious to him as she now spilled over the top of her increasing restrictive bras, deeper lines cut into her and broader toppings sat the top of her clothing, around her hips and chest, she had starting to develop a crease of fat where feet and ankles met. All of this was noted by Jacob and it drove him to distraction every time he had watched her undress. The thought then crossed his mind what he could do to Maddie's figure given the chance.
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