Cassandra's Confections

Chapter 1

Cassandra's Confections

by Dragorat

Darien Morlon was a troubleshooter for a large computer firm. His work sent him all over the world. Sometimes he would fly into a large city then have to rent a car and drive out into the country to a small town or village to help some business with their computer problems.

No matter where he went or how long he was gone, he always tried to find something to bring home to his wife, Jenna. He had met Jenna when still in college. It was almost love at first sight. Jenna had long red hair, dark green eyes and a smile that would melt even the coldest heart! The only thing that almost destroyed their union was that Jenna had no curves. Her body was almost straight up and down! However, the rest of her beauty and personality had Darien in the spell of love.

What was so surprising about Jenna's lack of shape was that she ate like a horse! At the reception, the day of their wedding, she ate more than twice what Darien did and he would admit to anyone that he had a good appetite. Some of the guests thought she might be eating for more than one. She and Darien quickly stopped those rumors by announcing that they had agreed to stay celibate until the wedding night!

Over the next five years, their love grew in leaps and bounds, but Jenna only gained a few pounds. Jenna knew that Darien loved her, but she also knew he would love her even more if there was more of her to love. She tried eating more sweets and foods high with fat and calorie content. She tried weight gain formulas meant for body builders. She even tried powders and potions she acquired from people that were supposed to be known masters of witchcraft. Nothing worked!!

One day, when Darien left for a short business trip, Jenna had finally decided there was nothing that would change her physical stature. Darien knew how she felt and was depressed because she was. His trip was to a small town a few days from the main office so he decided to drive. He figured he could clear his head of personal things before the meeting, so he could concentrate on the business at hand.

When Darien finished his part of the installation and training, he headed home. As he was driving along, he noticed an old weather-beaten sign along the road. "Cassandra's Confections, homemade goodies with an almost magical taste! Next Right!" the sign read.

Darien didn't think much about it until just before the turn. As if something compelled him to do it, he turned onto the road. He then thought to himself, "Maybe a little something for Jenna to lift her spirits."

A few minutes later, Darien came to another sign pointing to a small cottage-like building. He turned into the small lot and parked his car. Getting out, he walked up the walk to the door and opened it walking inside. As he entered, an old style bell rang and a feminine voice called from the back, "I'll be with you in a minute!"

While he waited, Darien looked around the shop. Everything in the shop seemed to be designed like something out of the late 1800's: old style apothecary jars, antique glass cases, even the cash register was an old hand-cranked machine. The main counter was antique pine with a marble top in perfect condition!

As Darien marveled at how new everything looked, he heard the curtains rustle in front of him. Looking up, he saw a vision that left him breathless. Before him stood a raven-haired beauty with deep blue eyes like midnight pools. What really shocked him was the fact that she had a body that looked as round as she was tall!

"May I help you sir?"

"Well I......I didn't mean to stare!"

"That's quite all right, I'm used to it," the lady replied. "Welcome to Cassandra's Confections; I'm Cassandra. Now, once again, may I help you?"

"I was driving home, thinking of my wife, when I saw your sign. Something compelled me to come."

"Your wife has a sweet tooth?" Cassandra inquired.

"Yes, she does - ever since I've known her, she's loved her pastries and candies."

"A woman after my own heart!" Upon saying this, Cassandra noted a look of sadness in Darien's eyes.

"You love your wife very much, but I can see that something isn't quite right! Maybe I can do something that will help."

"I don't think there's much of anything anyone can....."

"Don't be so sure there, my young friend," Cassandra said, cutting Darien off. "It has been said that one taste of my treats can work magic. You pick out something for that lady of yours, while I get something from the back I think she'll like."

As Cassandra disappeared into the back, Darien once again looked around. There was something about that woman that felt strange to Darien. She seemed to know there was something wrong with his relationship with Jenna. Also for a woman of her size she seemed to float around the shop like she was floating on air. Just as he found a 5lb. box of assorted chocolates, Cassandra appeared out of nowhere before him. In her hands were two small boxes, one red, one green.

Handing the boxes to Darien, Cassandra spoke, "Give Jenna the red box when you first get home; the green one give to her Christmas day - not before! Make sure you follow my instructions and everything will work out fine. Now on your way, she's waiting for you."

Darien was out the door, in his car and just a few miles from home when he realized she'd never ask for any payment! Then a thought entered his mind, "the fulfillment of your dreams is my full payment."

Now what did that mean?
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Just_Jess_81 4 years
Amazing story, I loved it! Can't believe you haven't written and shared more. You should smiley
Dragorat 11 years
Twiz,I don't know how you only saw part of it.The only other place it's posted is on Dimensions & I never post partial stories.
Juicy 11 years
Dragorat, I love this. I, too, am not generally a magic fan, but this one is creative and great fun. Well done!