Catherine's Self-Discovery Chapter 9 Part 1

Chapter 1 - catherines selfdiscovery chapter 9 part 1

Catherine sat quietly in the wide, spacious room, she always hated this part, the waiting. She was tense, her palms were moist, her right foot tapping to some unheard beat while her finger nails did the same on the wooden arm rests. 'Come oooooooon, come oooooooooooooooooooooon, it feels like I've been here for ages, and I REALLY have to pee. Come ooooooooooooooooooooooon', she moaned internally. She never knew where to look when she was here, she'd read the posters and notices on the walls a hundred times over, practically able to recite every one word for effing word, she couldn't look at anybody because it'd be too obvious and they'd think she was staring, and she ALWAYS forgot to bring something to keep herself occupied with.

"Miss Danniels?" the receptionist piped up from round the corner.

"Yes?" Catherine replied in an almost too eager tone, afraid to lose her spot or not be heard.

"You can go through now, dear", the receptionist answered with a smile.

"Thank you", returning the smile with only half her face visible from around the wall's corner. Gripping the wooden arm rests tightly, taking a deep breath Catherine pushed herself up and out, her hips narrowly brushing the polished wood of the uncomfortable chair's grasp as she did. As she rose, several pairs of eyes went wide at the sight of her, or rather the size of her. She could feel the eyes on her, mapping her body, her contours, guessing, judging, 'Is it twins or triplets?', 'Jesus, she's enormous', 'Wide Load!' or 'Ah ha, I know that feeling, sister.' As subtle as she tried to be, Catherine knew she was attracting stares, but didn't care, she loved her body and what it had become, so readjusting herself she waddled across the waiting room towards the door sign posted, Dr. P. Maxwell.

Upon approaching the door, passing the receptionist who tracked her movements with crow's eyes, she knocked on the door, a faint yet audible voice on the other side called through the thick wood, "Come on in."

Opening the door Catherine entered she office, Doctor Maxwell was sitting at his desk, his back to her, obviously busy, "Be with you in a moment Catherine", he informed her. "That's better", putting his pen down on the bureau he swivelled his chair round to face Catherine, he eyes going wide and mouth opening as the sight of her, clearly not expecting to see so much more of her than her last visit. "Look at you, you look... great? How've you been?"

"Good, good, thank you, Doctor."

An awkward silence spread across the room for several seconds, one would expect to see a tumble weed bouncing past it was so tense. Doctor Maxwell clapped his hands together once, "Shall we get this show on the road, I'm sure you've things to do."

"Ok, same as usual?"

"Yep, pop yourself behind the curtain, disrobe to your underwear and put on the gown, please."

Smiling she accepted she gown and proceeded behind the draw-across curtain installed in the far corner of the wide office. Grunts, huffs and puffs could be heard from behind the curtain as Catherine struggled to undress, such a menial task had grown in difficulty over the months, this past month in particular. Sliding the curtain back, there Catherine stood, a simple set of black cotton panties and bra clearly visible through the inadequate gown she had donned, her belly protruding far beyond the material. With a slightly embarrassed expression and tone, she announced, "all ready."

"Great, so if you'd like to come over here we can get your weight out of the way, then we can move onto the sonogram."

Catherine froze, looking at the scales, she knew she'd have to be weighed but she'd tried so hard to put it out of her mind. It was time, what was he going to say when he saw she result, Catherine cast a gaze over her barely covered body, well aware that she'd ... "grown" since her last visit. Her knees were shaking and her mouth was turning very dry, "Could I get some water, please?" she requested nervously.

"Sure thing", running her a disposable plastic cup of water from the nearby sink he offered it to her, "Here". Taking it, she gulped it down in 2 mouthfuls, followed by a pant. Looking at her, Doctor Maxwell asked, "Ready?"

"Yep, all good." She stepped forward toward the apparatus.

"If you'd just like to step up, we can see how we're doing", he said with a smile. But Catherine didn't move, she paused, "Catherine?"

"Sorry, Doctor, ok, here we go." Stepping up onto the scales she heard them creak heavily under her, sudden metallic clunks were heard as they adjusted to her weight, calibrating, measuring... judging. She looked at the ceiling, afraid to catch the doctor's eye this time.

Doctor Maxwell looked over the read out with an inquisitive eyebrow raised, "Sorry Catherine, can you step off, wait 3 seconds then step back on again, please?"

"Umm... sure, ok." She descended from the scales, they let loose a sound that seemed so much louder than when she first stepped on, she winced at the sound. She waited the 3 seconds, then stepped back up.
Creak! Ching!

"Ummm... ok, well according to this you are up to one hundred and EIGHTY... eight pounds." Looking up from the readout, he looked eyes with a now very red Catherine."Catherine, that's 16 pounds gained since I last saw you THREE weeks ago, anything you want to tell me?"

"... Yes, I really have to pee" she responded in a rather pitiful voice, quickly followed by her rushing off to the adjoining bathroom, closing the door.

Sitting on the toilet relieving herself, her mind was going crazy, 'Holy shit, 16 pounds? That's over 5 pounds a week, Oh my god Amy'll go nuts, she's going to love it when I tell her this. 188 lbs and I'm only just 7 months. Well Amy did say she was going to fatten me up, guess she was right' she thought as she playfully grabbed at her chubby, soft waist.

Slowly creaking open the bathroom door Catherine waddled out, one hand on her lower back pushing her belly out further from the ill-fitting medical gown. Releasing a sigh of relief she made her way over to Doctor Maxwell, waiting patiently by the exam table. '188 pounds...' She rubbed her belly as she waddled, 'Amy's certainly a woman of her word.' When she stepped onto the scales, hearing its creak her mind flashed to a butcher's shop, weighing up raw pieces of meat as they hit the scales with a dull thump. She certainly felt like a piece of meat at this point, and Amy had definitely been looking at her all week in the same manner. Assessing her progress, planning new meals and feeding, "Just a little more", "Another serving?", "Go on, there's no point leaving THAT little amount in the pan", always pushing her to consume more. Catherine knew what she was doing, slowly increasing the portions, heavier foods, longer rests between meals with frequent, fatty snacks. Not necessarily stuffing Catherine, but undoubtedly ensuring she never felt hungry. She'd practically moved in, it was all so fast, but it worked surprisingly, Amy was always there to see her off to work in the morning, having made sure to pack her enough snacks to see her through the day, but some nights her job at the restaurant meant she was "home" a little while after Catherine, but she always made sure there was something to sate her with until she got in to make dinner.

Catherine cast her mind back to the week leading up to this point, breakfast on Sunday had been a pleasant affair, Amy had gladly accepted Catherine's reasoning of not stuffing her, although she did manage to twist her arm into consuming a little more than planned here or there, but when Catherine shot her an authoritative look as if looking at one of her students, Amy merely replied, "It's ok, maybe not right now, but you'll eat it eventually" and gave her burgeoning belly a playful rub.

The rest of the day passed smoothly, after a hearty brunch Catherine set to work on some much required lesson prep while Amy went back to her apartment to fetch some much needed clean clothing and everyday essentials after Catherine had asked if she'd like to stick around for a while, "I suppose I wouldn't MIND if you became something of a frequent addition to my humble abode...". Amy had gone a deep shade of red when at the sound of this, blushing bashfully. So while Amy was fetching her things, Catherine was able to squeeze in some work.
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