Caught Stealing

Chapter 1 - one

"What the f*ck is this?" your boss says and drops the overfilled box of pastries on the table in front of you.

"It's just some day old pastries that were going to be thrown out," you say defensively.

She yanks up your uniform shirt and grabs a handful of your soft, bulging belly and squeezes hard.

"Look at all this f*cking lard, you fat pig. This is all my profit right here," she shakes your belly, " you been shoving straight into your mouth, now you're wearing it," she lets your belly fall and grabs a big handful of your ballooning ass, "Jesus, no wonder I'm only breaking even. You're getting huge."

She's right, you've been eating non-stop since you started here seven months ago and have gained close to 90 lbs. You just can't help yourself, all those yummy treats: sugared berries, fresh bread with butter, cakes, cookies, icing, the chocolate filling.

You've become an absolute pig. Your small pot belly has burgeoned into a wide, flabby gut that folds over your belt line and wobbles like thick jelly when you walk. You've grown enormous love handles and heavy dimpled thighs. You snack constantly while working and then take home leftovers and feed yourself even fatter as you watch tv.

"Unbutton your pants," your boss says, "and set that f*cking jelly belly on the table."

Oh god, she's making you so wet.

"Put in on the table, fatso. If you want to stuff your face all day like a greedy blimp, then that's just how you're going to be treated."

You unbutton your pants, lift the soft, wobbly mound onto the table. It swells before you and spreads out embarassingly. Your boss removes your shirt and pulls your pants to your ankles. You feel obese, exposed.

"My, my, my, look at all this blubber, look at all the f*cking lard you've put on." She pats your wide rump and prods your thick, fat hips, with an outstretched finger. She slaps your ass hard. You wince at the sting and savor the rippling fat. She pushes the box of pastries towards you.

"Start eating, wideload. You don't clock out until that box is empty."

"But, but, but... it usually takes all weekend to finish that many."

"Either start packing that gut, fat back, or I tell the cops you've been stealing from me and you'll have to pay me back full value for everything you've eaten, plus interest."

You're so turned on at the thought of being fed like this you grab a pastry and shove it in your mouth. Your boss laughs.

"Wow, half in one bite, I see now why you've gotten so tubby."

You swallow and then greedily shove the other half in. You moan and gulp, gulp and moan. Absentmindedly, you slide your hand between your thighs and begin rubbing your clit. You moan louder and grab another pastry. You fold it in half and cram it in as far as it will go. You're close to coming, your cheeks bulge, you breathe heavily through your nostrils. You desperately quicken your stroke. Your boss grabs your hand and pulls it from between your thighs.

"Eat with both hands, you obese f*ckpig, I'll take care of this."

She slides her fingers into your c*nt and expertly picks up where you left off. You arch your back and lean into the table. She works your clit perfectly and the rythmic motion of her forearm causes your big jelly tummy to shake and shimmy. More, more, more pastries, your mouth is so full it hurts. She slides her free hand around your hips and latches onto your thick love handle. She squeezes and tugs and tugs and rolls the huge fistful of fat back and forth,

"Look at all this meat, you tubby pig, god, I swear I can feel you getting FATTER right now."

Your food-packed gut strains and stretches, she hits just the right spot; you come so close and then she backs you off.

"Not until the box is empty, you selfish cow."

You moan, aching to come and begin stuffing with both hands, pastry after pastry. You can feel your belly bloat, your ribcage widens to accomodate your abject gluttony. Your soft, wide hog belly pushes further out onto the table. You arch your back; your heavy belly swells, swells, swells; you feel so bloated, so piggishly, hoggishly fat, so greedy, so out of control, she hits your spot again, oh, you come and come and come.

You sit on a chair grinning stupidly, sated: sugar, carbs, sex. Your pants are still around your ankles and your belly rests heavily in your lap. Your boss smiles and kisses you gently on the lips.

"I guess I can't be THAT mad at you, that was really fun. You're so fat and jiggly. If you're willing to make this a regular thing, I'm willing to let you continue to work here and be a greedy little porker."

You're still smiling and you nod your head, you reach for another pastry, "I'd love that."
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Emmaa 9 years
More please smiley
Bradypig 9 years
LOVE LOVE LOVE this story. I so want to be the employee!
Blubberjiggler1 9 years
Love this kind of story. I look forward to every single story by you. You think like I think. Love to hear about a thin woman tease and humiliate a fat obese hog girl.
Plumplilbird... 9 years
damn this was very well done. Loved it!
Littleextra 9 years
Bravo! smiley Nicely done.