Chubby Babe

Chapter 1 - chubby babe

She stands, staring into the full-length mirror after taking my hand and leading me to the bathroom. Her big beautiful green eyes staring back at her, analyzing every inch of her body. She's been gaining weight. Her over indulgence and increasing appetite as of late leads me to believe she's somewhere around 160lbs now. She's realized how nervous and excited I have been around her lately too and right now she looks absolutely breath-taking. Her belly is pushing out over her panties like a balloon after having just eaten. Cookies, donuts, ice cream, and weed brownies are showing their effects. As the brownies begin to kick in, the hunger strikes and she craves even more sweets. With nothing but a very small, tight, belly shirt on and a super tight pair of sexy, booty-short panties, I watch her aggressively open a bottle of CB-1 weight gain pills and then quickly swallow four of them. She closes her eyes, moans softly, and carefully leads my hands to her belly. Immediately, she tells me that she "likes getting chubby" and "wants me to feel her belly get rounder and fatter while I rub it." Extremely turned on, I am frozen still and unbelievably startled with amazement. So, she tells me to get behind her as she steps barefoot onto the scale. With my right hand extended flat open, she wants me to gently, but firmly rub just the front and middle of her belly. She likes when I rub it from side to side, back and forth slowly around her belly button and then start patting and pressing firmly with my fingers tips. At the same time, she wants me to softly squeeze her love handles with my left hand and occasionally slide it back and forth around the side of her lower belly. She puts her right hand on top of mine as I repeatedly caress, and pat, and push the front of her belly inward over her belly button. She moans orgasmically and abruptly says that she "wants me to fatten her up like crazy!" She really wants me to feel her belly push out more and more. Then, out of nowhere she hands me a carton of heavy cream and pulls out a tube-funnel and puts it up to her lips. Proceeding to tilt her head back and moan ravenously, she stuffs herself silly as I pour the heavy cream into the funnel. In between gulp after gulp of heavy cream, she also wants me to feel her belly balloon with special, ultra double-whipped, sweet heavycream-filled butter cake so she can really gain weight. After rotating back and forth a few times between packing in cake and filling up with heavy cream, she opens her eyes and glances down at the scale. I notice her get extremely excited when her eyes widen and she begins to moan for more and more cake and heavy cream. She imagines her belly instantly fattening up and filling out like crazy. She then leans back and pushes her tender tummy out as far as she can so it can really load up with fat. She lets out a cute little whimper followed by a loud, gluttonous moan, and then she sweetly cries out "MORREEE!! MORREEE!!! MAKE ME FATTER!!!! I WANT TO GET FATTERRR!!!!! Unable to contain myself, I aggressively kiss her on her right cheek and softly lean the left side of my head against the right side of hers. Her eyes are closed again and her cheeks puffed out with pure fat as she sucks from the tube. I can hear her lips puckering and smacking when I slowly whisper in her right ear that "I can feel her getting fatter.. And fatter!... AND FATTER!!" "HUMM!.. UMMM!!... MMMM!!!," she continues to moan passionately. "I'M GETTING FATTER!.. I WANT TO GET FAT!!.. MAKE ME FATTER!!! MAKE FATTERRR!!!!" she cries. I tell her that "I can feel her belly getting really, really full and plush that it pushes out more and more every time she swallows." She screams erotically with euphoric pleasure as she continues to let out loud, passionate cry after cry for more, and more, and more fat while being squeezed and told what a cute, sweet, sexy and soo very adorable, CHUBBY babe she is becoming.
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StefanSkorp 9 years
What a hot story!
FrecherTyp 9 years
mhm hehe that was short and nice ^^ hihi so sexy when a girl gets so crazy about sex and eating ^^
Nok 9 years