Closer to the Sun

Chapter 1

He scurried quickly across the empty courtyard that ran between the rows of old terrace buildings that towered on either side of the pathway, the still quiet of the campus adding to the foreboding that he was late for his first class back after summer. There was no one about. Not even any of the reliably late students could be seen hurrying to class or hanging about under the alcoves or resting against the trees that arched along the path to the main building; it was as if term hadn’t even started yet. But it had, and he knew it. The new pounds around his waist held him back from going any faster, he might have ran last term before he got chubby, but he was already building up a sweat and decided to keep the same pace. He got to the main entrance, struggled up four flights of stairs and stopped to compose himself. Catching his breath, adjusting his trousers and pulling down his shirt to cover his waist, he tried to stroll casually up to the classroom door. Okay, just play it cool, he thought, apologise and slide into one of the chairs to the side. There are always spare chairs on the edges. He opened the door and entered the room. It was full. Twenty faces all turned to the right, peering at him, exposing his every move.

‘Hi, erm... sorry I’m late, I got caught....’ he stuttered.

‘Ah, Layne, are you here for another class? O no, wait, it says on my register your here for my 1pm English lit class aren’t you?’ pronounced the teacher, Miss Eva Thomas.

‘Ye, sorry I got caught up with...’

‘Looks like some of us took it easier than others this summer’, she joked, smiling, ‘remember class, you all need to know how to tell the time in order to be on time’, the class sniggered, she returned to the work. ‘Now, back to the novel, as I was saying...’

All eyes returned to the front of the room, he scanned the classroom for an empty chair, but the only one he could see was in the front row, in the middle, right under Miss Thomas’s desk. He hesitated, then quickly went to the front row and sat down.

‘So as you can see, there is alot of emotive language in this description, as the tensions play out.....’

He settled down and became part of the scenery. He got his pen and paper out and started to focus. Looking up at Miss Thomas lecturing the class, he suddenly noticed her. He’d never really found her attractive, she was in her late twenties and despite her lovely face and flowing black hair she had always been too skinny. But now, she’d changed. Her soft features were now comforted by an elegant double chin that hugged her sensually, hanging gracefully under her face, complimenting her natural roundness and rosy cheeks, so inviting. He could feel himself getting aroused; the rest of her body was hidden behind the desk for the moment, but her double chin suggested she’d gained quiet a bit of weight. While she spoke for the next few minutes he became lost in wonder, longing to see how she’d gained. The moment came. She stood up slowly, turned her back to the class and began to stretch up against the white board to write something at the top. Her clothes where way too tight for her, had she noticed she’s gained he wondered? Slowly but surely her top crept up her back, revealing gushing full flabby love handles cuddling her sides, resting in plump round moulds, gorgeous handfuls of flesh just oozing to be squeezed and caressed. She didn’t seem to notice, or mind, leaving her back exposed while she wrote, only to cover herself once she’d sat back down. He gazed there in wonder, ogling her from his front row seat totally lost in amazement.

‘Now class, I’m going to give you these hand outs, they cover the essential....’ She got up from her chair and began handing out papers. As she walked her boobs bobbled and could see her belly hang softly around her waist, bulging out of her shirt that just barely covered the overhang that protruded over her tight trousers, a great round muffin top drooping in an avalanche of pink flesh bouncing around in a glorious dance of jiggling flabby goodness.

‘If you check the list, you’ll find some....’

She sat back down behind the desk, talking about the books. He was lost in crazed sexual desire, his mind in ecstasy at her beauty, her shapely body and all its curves and folds, she must have put on at least twenty pounds...


That double chin, so hot, just asking to be kissed and tended, those love handles demanding to be squeezed....


And that belly, the way it curved and bounced, all that fat jiggling...


‘....erm, ye...’ he fumbled, suddenly torn back into reality. He heard a few people laughing as he realised she’d been talking to him.

‘Back in the land of the living are we? Or still daydreaming about the summer?’ she asked.

‘Oh, erm... what?’ he replied, dazed and confused.

‘In chapter three, what are your thoughts on the development of the....?’ What? What is she asking, he thought, I’ve read the book, why can’t I remember.

‘Erm, I dunno sorry’. She didn’t respond for a few moments, only eyed him up curiously. Then the bell rang.

‘Yes, yes, class is over, no need to look so pleased. Remember to read chapters 4 through 6 by our next meeting,’ she shouted to the class as twenty students hurried to leave. ‘Oh, and Layne, would you mind waiting behind a few moments so I can remind you what course your taking?’

He stayed put while the rest of the class left, while she collected her notes and gathered her books.

‘Come with me, we’ll go get you a copy of the book from the cupboard’ she said. He followed her out the class and down the corridor. The halls were already empty, no one was around. The whole way she walked in front of him, he became transfixed, staring at her ass, so tightly clasped inside her trousers creating a curvy pear shaped swerve, heavy hams of fat bobbling up and down in a crazy rhythm hypnotizing him, two big cushions of tender heavenly flab jiggling uncontrollably with every step demanding to be torn out of the skin tight black trousers. He was still staring at her booty when they reached the cupboard. They walked inside when suddenly she turned around; noticing that he was lusting for her ass, she quickly grabbed his crotched sensually but firmly and held her hand along the back of his hard penis.

‘So, you’ve noticed I’ve had some fun this summer?’ she giggled, with a look of delight in her eyes, as he tried to regain his cool, but was lost for words. She let go of his penis sliding her hand up along its ridge and under his shirt, playfully pinching his rolls of fat. ‘Looks like you’ve had some fun as well, thought you were the skinny sporty type’, she jested, inviting him to clasp her juicy love handles. They both stood there in a moments solace, exploring each other gains, smoothing the curves and deep fleshy folds, grabbing bigger handfuls of wondrous flab all the while drawing closer to each other until they bellies kissed in a unification of flesh, a ritual of lust and softness. He began to kiss her double chin, delicately yet firmly, exploring its gorgeous thickness as they both became lost in their lust for gluttony, when she interrupted, trying to gather herself. ‘I need to sort a few things out around the office, what say I pick you up in twenty minutes, and we’ll take this somewhere more private, so you can stop toying with me and show me what chubby chasers can really do’.
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