Control & Frustration

Chapter 1


"No freaking way," she proclaimed, her bright blue eyes gleaming with confidence. "Not in a million years."

I had just revealed to Laura, my wife of four years, that I was a feeder. I admitted to her that I received a sexual thrill from feeding and fattening a woman. I was actually rather surprised that I had successfully kept that part of me a secret from Laura for the seven years we'd known each other. Lately, though, she had been pestering me to reveal more of my sexual fantasies. I had finally relented, sharing with her my desire to feed and fatten.

Her response had first been laughter and disbelief, unwilling to believe that I was serious. My face turned warm and eventually her laughter died. After making sure I was actually serious, Laura seemed almost lost for words. She looked at me for a while with an odd expression, while I mentally berated myself for breaking down and sharing this secret. Finally, after several excruciatingly long minutes, she smiled and told me that she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to indulge that particular fantasy. She laughed as she claimed that her will power kept her from gaining weight and claimed that being fed "really didn't appeal to her at all".

I wasn't sure what motivated me to do so, but I somewhat cheekily replied that if we kept enough junk food around she'd surely put on a few pounds. Despite my embarrassment over the whole thing, I even teased her a bit that maybe her will power only seemed strong because she wasn't surrounded by temptation.

"No way," Laura repeated, her full lips curling into a smirk. "I'm 125 pounds, the perfect weight at 5'7", and I've worked way too damn hard to keep it that way. There's no way a little extra junk food around the house would cause my self-control to crumble. Not a chance."

"Care to test that out?" I asked her, half joking.

"Sure, do your worst."

"You mean that? Really?"

"Uh-huh, just don't get too disappointed when we have to toss out all the junk food 'cause it's past the expiration date."

I was very intrigued. It was true that Laura had an almost superhuman ability to say no to dessert at a restaurant or avoid the snack table at a party. However, I had a sneaking suspicion that part of the reason she exerted such stringent self-control was a fear that once she gave in a little, she wouldn't be able to stop. I just had to find that one chink in her armor, I was almost positive it existed. Worse comes to worst, I waste a little money on junk food that no one eats.

Now, one may say that this is the kind of underhanded behavior that causes serious issues in a relationship, but at this point I really thought it was all in fun. I figured at the very least I'd get to act out a little of my fantasy in trying to persuade Laura to indulge. I had no idea where it would all lead.


For the next few weeks, it looked like Laura would be proved correct. I set up bowls of candy around the house, stocked the cupboards with snack cakes and chips, and always had a gallon or two of ice cream in the freezer.

"Awww . . . such a shame all that has to go to waste," Laura said with a fake pout as I threw away a full half-gallon container of mint chip ice cream.

She tossed her shoulder length blonde hair as she sauntered out of the kitchen, surely feeling good about herself for proving me wrong. Even though I preferred heavier women, I still admired the way her size 6 jeans hugged her firm, round ass. I wasn't actually all that disappointed by her continued resistance, I knew it was a long-shot and had kept my expectations low.

I figured maybe I'd give it a few more weeks before letting it fizzle out. It was at least fun for fantasy purposes, some nights I'd dream that we'd be sitting together on the couch and all of a sudden Laura would jump up and bolt into the kitchen. I'd follow her in there to find her at a table filled with all the goodies I bought, stuffing her face like there was no tomorrow. I knew it wasn't likely to actually happen, but that really was okay with me. We had a good marriage built on much more than satisfying a fetish, and I'd love her whether she was 125 or 325.
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Aquarius64 5 years
I’ve not had any problems uploading or editing. To edit, go to the chapter you want to change. You are given an option to ‘write’ or something similar and ‘delete’. Unfortunately the tabs are so close together, you need to be very careful. I have accident
FrecherTyp 8 years
this was so great again to read but this one was extremley hot i wished you would have ahd some similar scenes with the guy over his gain and even with her over her gains thehe maybe as kind of competiton between them who is still the fittest of them so here what i mean :
"One on occasion I had convinced Laura to start by putting on one of her exercise outfits and do one of her work-outs. I found it incredibly arousing to watch her jiggle around, her face turning pink as she struggled to get through 10 minutes or so. My favorite part was watching her try to do a sit-up. Her soft belly compressed into three sizable rolls as she strained just to get her shoulder blades a couple inches off the ground before flopping back with a sigh"
TheDemolitio... 12 years
That was an amazing well written story. I liked it very much.
Td0057 12 years
Another fantastic story. You develop the characters so very well, and I imagine that every guy feeder wishes he had Laura for a wife, and the lady FFA's hope for a guy like Alan. Again, great story!
Rawrbaby 12 years
Wonderful Story! I really enjoyed sitting down and reading it for a good hour or so =D entertainment at it's best. You are truly an amazing writer.
Snr6424 12 years
Thanks Batanta, hopefully those are happy echoes. Thank you FoodeeGirl, that's certainly high praise. And Jazzman, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I do have a DA page (and a link to it on Curvage). I've thought about posting them on Dimensions, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Thanks again, everyone. smiley
Jazzman 12 years
Thank you for publishing the whole story at once! It was time well spent reading a masterpiece. It was like reading a piece by the great mutual weight-gain writer from Dimensions-Big Beautiful Dreamer. In fact I think you should post this on Dimensions and on Curvage. You have a gift that should be shared with the two other great factions of the Community. Bravo!@
Batanta 12 years
I loved this story it has echoes of my own experience. Well done