Dance Troop

chapter 1

Lousie had been dancing all her life and at 20 she joined a dance troop. The troop did performances all over the place, fast, high energy routines. When Lousie first joined she had struggled to keep up, she knew the routines and could do them perfectly but it just seemed like they went on and on then the moment you thought there was a break another faster routine started. After the a few months of training and dramatically increasing her calorie intake Lousie found her place.

Her long blonde hair, beautiful eyes, hour glass figure topped with round perky breasts and wash board abbs made every guy who saw her their tracks. Many of them obviously curious about a women who could dance that hard without even breaking a sweat. Lousie was loving every minute of it, then one day during practice she made a rare mistake and heard a snap. A X-Ray soon confirmed her ankle was broken. The doctor ordered Lousie to rest, stop dancing and put her feet up.

The rest of the troop were devastated, but Lousie promised them she would be back, and it was a promise she intended to keep. Lousie knew a lot about nutrition and knew she needed to drastically reduce her calorie intake to avoid gaining weight. She made herself a strict healthy eating plan. A week in to it she was struggling, even know she was getting almost no exercise her body was constantly craving high calorie foods, the breaking point came two weeks after the accident. The troop's annual meal, the other girls insisted Lousie came and she did, hobbling along on her crutches. The troops coach Kate ordered platters for the whole table and every one dug in, the girls had just finished a practice session and were starving. Before she knew it Lousie was diving in to, polishing off everything put in front of her.

As she got home that evening she unbuttoned her shorts and lay down on the sofa resting her ankle. Two weeks without exercise meant that her washboard abbs were already looking soft and now the quantity of food had bloated her stomach, she patted and squeezed it for a while. "oh well" she thought, "I guess I can still pig out once in a while". Over the next few days and weeks the healthy eating plan slowly faded away, Lousie was back to eating like she was dancing again. Two months after the accident Lousie finally decided it was time to get up and weigh herself. She knew she had put on weight, she realised that every time she looked in the mirror. Her once flat stomach now curved out from just underneath her ribs, round her hips and back in again to meet in the middle. It had started with her hips getting soft then a little podge formed between them. Now the podge on her stomach had merged with her increasingly rounder hips to form a balloon like stomach. Her breasts were fatter as well and she liked it. As she stepped on the scales she gasped, she had gained over 30 lbs! A quick check on the bmi chart showed that officially made her overweight. She stepped off the scales and looked in the mirror, the skimpy black knickers and plunge bra did little to hide her new figure. She ran her hands down her sides, squeezing and poking her stomach. She thought she would feel disgusted but it actually gave her pleasure to stroke and pat her bloated belly.

As the weeks passed her ankle got slowly better, the doctor had warned her that her extra weight might slow down her recovery, but it actually had appeared to have the opposite effect, forcing it to carry the extra weight had helped it grow stronger. Lousie had kept in touch with the troop and they were constantly asking her when she was back, she had made a promise to them and didn't want to disappoint.

Her ankle had completed healed now, and she knew it was soon time to return to dancing but she was embarrassed by all the weight she had put on. She would need to shape up and loose the excess baggage before they realised her ankle had healed. but as Lousie lay on her bed one morning, she pulled back her top to reveal the consequences of a high calorie diet and no exercise, laying flat her bloated stomach grew up in front of her, well it was always bloated now, or at least so fat that it was hard to tell, as she sat up her stomach came to rest on her thighs, which even know almost all the extra weight had stuck on her stomach, her thighs and other parts of her body were showing their fair share. She closed her eyes as she stepped on the scales, as she opened them she started giggling, she didn't know why. The scales were showing she was now over 60lbs heavier than before the accident! That morning Lousie started her return to fitness, she called round several gyms and booked herself onto all sorts of exercise classes. The first one was that afternoon, Lousie decided to take a nap before the class, to conserve her energy for the hardship to come.

As she woke up a few hours later she suddenly realised that none of her exercise clothes fit anymore, the only thing she could put on was a pair of baggy sweat pants and a sports bra, which left her bloated middle exposed for all to see. She rummaged around and found a over sized baggy T-Shirt that she use to use to sleep in, slipping that on the extra space easily hid her belly. She headed out.

On route she passed the supermarket and decided she should stop for some snacks, "no that's the fat girl talking Lousie" she told herself, "but I probably will feel hungry after the class". She stopped and headed in, as she headed for the snack section a dance video being played on one of the TV's caught her attention. She studied the moves for a few moments, then instinctively picked up the rhythm and started dancing along, within minute she had it mastered. Then suddenly there was a voice behind her, "Looks like your back on form..." it was Kate her dance coach, she stopped suddenly and smiled at Kate. "Not sure, almost there" she said in reply, "Nonsense it looks like you never stopped, I'm on my way to practice now, you should come along, now's as good as time as any", Lousie suddenly felt panicked, "Erm... I don't know", "Well your ankles obviously healed, lets get you back with the troop!" before she knew it Lousie was greeting the girls and stretching. All the other girls were dressed in their usual kit, hot pants and sports bras, Lousie was grateful she was wearing big sweat pants and an oversized T-Shirt. Lousie stepped onto the stage as the boards creaked below her, "This stage is getting creaky", she said as several other girls walked across the same board without any noise.
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