Earth 2050

Chapter 1 - introduction

Being poor sucks! Being a 20 year old woman and poor sucks even more! Being a pretty, big busted 20 y/o woman and poor was the crown of a crappy life!
It took no long time for Chrissie to come to this credo. Living in one of the worst and poorest urban district in the mega-city formed by the former Los Angeles and San Diego had deprived her of all confidence to come to a better future! With a Hispanic mother working as a waitress (and part time slut) and an unknown father her chances for a good or even bearable life where nonexistent from the beginning. With no money for any form of higher education Crissie (short for Christabel, which name she hated) had to follow her mothers example for money earning. Working as a waitress, of course, never she would sell herself as a hooker! But in the world of 2050, with countries governments only being puppets of mega-companies and therefore the dictate of money, money and money, life was truly crappy without having at least a small share of wealth!
Born in the year of the great depression 2029 (what an uncanny incident, exactly 100 years after a similar event in 1929!) she grew up in a world ravaged by civil disorder and fast vanishing governmental power. The years up to the early forties brought a tremendous change all over the world. The large concerns and a lot smaller ones melted under the pressure of disorder and civil unrest into a group of Mega-Cons. The only ones having enough money to spend for mercenary troops they pulled the power out of the weak hands of governments all over the planet. The next years they established their reign with a lot of 'blood and iron', like a long forgotten chancellor of Germany once said!
The civil unrests suppressed by the paramilitary forces the megas owned, the new world order was the pure dictate of economical interests, without any legal social security for most of the people any more. The crime rates in the poorer living districts would have chased any police commissioner of the old days into suicide, drug dealing, gang shootings and rapes were common events, so even without the disorder of the BIG CHANGE for most the world was not a easy place to live!
Like every day on her way to work, sitting in the elevated train connecting the parts of the big sprawl the two cities had formed, Crissy watched the glittering mega towers which were the living areas of the more fortunate, the people working in the higher levels of the mega-cons. And like every day she asked herself how it would be to live in there, protected by concern-police, no sorrows about being raped when going to shop, no sorrows about being shoot on the same occasion!
As usual, her new boss was in a bad mood when she arrived at work. If he couldn't scold her about being late, he found other issues to complain. Today he was not satisfied with her hair!! "You have to look pretty for our customers" he told her and her co-workers at their first meeting. As if a good look of the waitresses would help with the poor quality of their served food!
The complaining noise of her boss in her ears, she hastily bound her apron and hurried to the daily morning announcements the manager would give. Today he came up with a real hard topic! "Listen folks! Every day we lose about 5% of our sales to wrong and therefore returned orders! That's not acceptable! So, as from now on, every waiter has to eat his part of the returns. If that doesn't encourage you to listen more carefully to the customers, I will detach the lost money from your monthly salary! I will check the numbers again next month!"
Thinking about that greasy food they served Chrissie shuddered, but at least she knew that she had the lowest rate of wrong orders from all the waitresses. Eating more of the junk then her free lunch or dinner a day wouldn't do really good, she thought. Not for her and especially not for her co-workers, mostly women in their late thirties up to middle fifties.
One month passed by, and although she carefully listened to the orders, an average of two additional meals per day she had to eat. She could see and feel the effect on her waistline and through her more and more tightening trousers and working skirts! The food might be greasy and not really a culinary masterpiece, but the nutrition value was undeniable!
The impact on some of her not so mindful co-workers was even more visible! The two of them with the most wrong orders where strait on their way from chubby to fat!
She herself had started to develop a small belly, visible but still supportable by the waistband of her skirt. Also her bras began to struggle with her growing boobs! They'd never been small, a good D in size, but the restraint of her current bras showed that they where up to an E soon. Her trousers became really tight at her thighs and closing them over her growing bottom was a real effort.
At work she realized the side glances of her boss, ogling her growing body with more and more lecherous eyes! So she developed a very uneasy feeling during her work.
This uneasiness where growing (together with her body) day by day.
'Thanks god! This is the last evening of the month!' This thought and the thought of the upcoming salary check was truly comforting when Chrissie was about to finish today's late shift. She went to the locker room to change her clothes when suddenly her boss was behind her! Grabbing her booty with both hands he shoved her to the wall. His mouth close to her ear and kneading her backside he whispered: 'Someone got quite chubby in the last time! But you're lucky, I like my women with a bit more meat on the bones!' Changing his grip from her butt to her boobs he added: "You can earn a nice salary rise tonight, if you give me the pleasure of your chubby body!"
Screaming Chrissie started to struggle herself free of her assailant. Working as a waitress six days a week had made her body quite strong, and so the result of her boss's immoral and rude behavior was a broken nose and the (hopefully) lifelong reminder of humiliation by a woman!
The more direct consequence for Chrissie was her last salary. Not that she had intended to stay after that assault! At the end she found herself unemployed, with fast shrinking financial reserves, a landlord to be paid, an expanded and demanding stomach and very less hope for a better future.
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Severino 8 years
Wow what a twist in the plot! I was shocked and surprised which happens very rarely with these stories. Well written.
Bigblackbabe 8 years
great story
Bigblackbabe 8 years
great story
Scribe 8 years
Great story!
Fatlilboy 9 years
OMG is this GREAT!!!