Elena Wrecks Her Body

chapter 1

Elena awoke with a start. It was 5:30 am and the alarm on her iPhone was blasting noisily and without end. All she wanted to do was to go back sleep, but there was work to be done.

Shaking off the grogginess, Elena got out of bed quickly with a graceful ease. First up, it was time to shower. Stripping down out of her pajamas and entering the cascade of warm water, she felt a sense of bliss. Elena loved that feeling as the last vestiges of sleep left her system. First using her shampoo and conditioner, she enjoyed the thickness and her long brown, waist length hair. Next lathering herself up with soap, she inspected her body as she went. Starting with her arms, she noticed every definition and curve. Moving to her chest, she ran her hand along what some guys may consider her most distinctive feature, and it was hard for her not to agree. Her breasts were pretty great. She had developed early, and her 30DDs at the age of 18 were there to prove it. Moving on, she ran soap along her stomach, along which she had perfectly sculpted abs, albeit with enough softness to project an air of sensuality . As with the rest of her, Elena's legs and thighs were rife with muscle. Even though her thighs were a bit thicker than she liked, at At 5 foot 4 and 135 pounds, Elena had a classically perfect body, of which she was proud. Even her ass, which was large, yet firm, projected this image of herself.

Finishing up in the shower, Elena dried herself off and got dressed. Wearing a tight black shirt and jeans, her outfit accentuated every curve to the point that she was essentially dripping with sexuality. This isn't to say that she was promiscuous. In fact, she went about life attempting to ignore the effect she had on the opposite gender, as she had no time for it anyway.

Running out of time before she had to go, Elena grabbed a banana and a power bar and drove to school. It was a short drive from her house, so she arrived at 6:25 am. Since her Freshman year, Elena had arrived at school at this time every single day. This was because she was on the synchronized swimming team, and their daily morning and afternoon practices (90 minutes each) are what kept them sharp, in shape, and on point. Elena had been doing this for a long time. It had started as hobby in middle school, and evolved to become her main focus in life, nearly to the exclusion of all else. Now, at the end of her senior year, the end was in sight. The college she was going to had no synchro program, as far as she knew, so her life was about to radically change. Elena was ready to experience all the social milestones she had missed during her time in High school. That said, there was still a month remaining until the happy day of graduation, so until then, it was all business.

She parked by entrance to the gym and went into the locker room. Already waiting and beginning to change into their suits, 6 out of her 8 teammates were inside. Her teammates had names; Michelle, Madison, Jaina, Kristy, Audrey, Jessica, Beth, and Naomi to name them. That said, not a single one of them mattered independently, including Elena herself. Only as a single cohesive unit could they operate and achieve victory. They weren't really friends, not enemies, but one. This was the nature of Elena's favorite sport, and she loved it.

Elena looked around the room and examined her teammates. Like her, they were all in peak physical form and beautiful, albeit without Elena's "developmental" gifts. This was another reason that she was so proud of her breasts. Although she'd never admit it to herself. they set her apart from the rest of the team, gave her something unique, an identity of sorts to cling onto.

Once Beth and Audrey, who were always slightly later than everyone else, had made the way into the locker room and changed, it was time to begin. Morning practices generally consisted of all water work, which included breathing exercises, 400 meters of nonstop swimming interspersed with 50 meter kick board intervals. On top of that, they would also go over certain routines that they would be perfecting for an upcoming meet. Without kicking off the pool floor, they would have to be able to lift, throw, or do whatever else necessary to their teammates. This takes quite a lot of strength and personal fortitude, both of which defined Elena to a T. The afternoon practices belonged to land drills, which focus on posture, flexibility, and jumping exercises. All told, synchro practice is an intense feat of physical prowess which Elena was proud to be able to accomplish.

Following afternoon practice, Elena would go home, do what little homework she had left at this stage in the school year, then have a light and healthy dinner, usually consisting of Kale salad, some grilled chicken, and maybe some fruit for dessert. This healthy eating lifestyle wasn't even a conscience choice at this point, but just deeply ingrained from years of routine. She would then go sleep, wake up, and start the whole process all over again. This had been her life every day for 4 years, more if she was being honest. She was ready for a change, ready to emerge as an individual with a life outside of sports, and it couldn't come soon enough. Just 1 month to go, then freedom.
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FTMfatty 8 months
*-* This is hot. Please post more
Blarg328 8 months
Once I finish my current story, I plan on returning smiley Elena deserves an ending, I think we all can agree
Champ 8 years
keep up the great work!
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh hehe this is cool i really liked the slow changes and well explained changes in her body ;-)
Blarg328 8 years
Awesome, I didn't know that. So thanks, I'll change it!
Ffancy 8 years
Bra sizing works by combining a number measuring the ribcage with a letter indicating how many more inches it is around the breast. So it would be likely that at 135 she'd be something like a 28 or 30DD.
Blasty 8 years
Great story! Can't wait for more.