Exotic Nature

chapter 1 the unknown

And realizes there was no chance in hell he would be able to enjoy the outdoors like he would like to on a shitty weekend like he envisioned.

People call him Richard, but he goes by a surname called "dick". For reasons, unknown, we will never know why he insist on letting people in saying that particular name.

"Ugh," feeling slightly frustrated, "I wish this day can go by much faster, and being alone here does not help my cause. If only I had the confidence to go out there and seek the woman I love rather than wither away each day with little success."

He walks toward his room, filled with numerous posters of gorgeous women of all shapes and sizes. Around the left side of the room, was a bathroom filled with elegant tiles and art themes. Richard was a prolific artist and writer for a few years now, using his room to express his interests and his open-mindness. The main technological item in his room was his computer and his large king-sized bed, big enough to hold two large-sized women if he wished.

He proceeded to the computer, which was in silent mode, as the monitor brightens immediately through the touch of his Razer Naga mouse. The screen with filled with collages of bigger sized women, a secret fetish of his that, even his family does not even know. His hidden minimized tab revealed to be a logo, revealing to be Fantasy Feeder, browsing whenever possible to see the lovely updates of potential candidates for himself to meet with or possibly converse with online.

Richard was a slightly shy individual, and he lived most his life under the online mantra, dating women he loved through the cyberspace without feeling known within it. However, he knew, at some point, he wanted to be part of the action physically rather than abstractly. For years, he wished that he can enjoy the ones he had a relationship but never seal the deal to bring together the union of such happiness and love.

"Such fine women on here tonight it seems like... it's...just...not.. fair to be so far away from them.. I know I can do better... I know I can find the one around my area," he said dejectively.

He logged off from the site, watching the computer slowly wither and die as the soft clicks from the hard drive slowly dissolve the programs back to the main screen, shutting down immediately with no noise obstructing the room.

He takes off his shirt slowly with a little smile on his face while his jeans fall to the floor as it becomes compacted against the floor, wanting to forget this day.. feeling the unknowns awaiting to happen in his dreams realizing that there is uncertainty coming ahead. Only in his boxers, he slides into his king-sized bed.. slowly closing his eyes to dream another horny-filled fantasy to be with a plus-sized woman.
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