Fat City

Chapter 1 - 1

Fat City.
I came to New Orleans on a whim, to look up an old girlfriend I had always fancied. Our parting words, on the balcony of her hotel room, left an impression on me that never left. "Kiss me, enjoy me now, after the wedding I plan to become lazy and grow hoggishly fat." Oh how those words aroused me, the essence of my deepest desires, for years I kicked myself for not doing more to break up the wedding. Six years had passed and I had heard from a friend that Suzanne was now divorced and still living in New Orleans. I had contacted her by mail and she was excited to see me.
As she swung back the door, I realized she had succeeded in her post-marriage goal beyond my wildest dreams. She was easily 300lbs. now and the outfit she had chosen didn't hide an ounce, thick side rolls poked out from under her shirt and the tight cotton pants showed the outline of a deep belly button. She smiled a big smile at me and teased me for being too skinny. We embraced and I gasped as I sank into her softness. I followed Suazanne into the kitchen and she served me a huge wedge of pie with coffee and we began to catch up.
We talked of old friends and her divorce. I couldn't help eyeing her belly and fat thighs. She noticed me eyeing her and patted her bulging gut, "I wanted to get married so I could just sit on my ass and eat. But Lee had other plans for me. He wan't happy when I started getting fat right after the honeymoon. He held on for a few years, but it was obvious I wasn't getting any thinner." She smiled and forked a big chunk of pie past her lips. "But that's okay, I had always hoped Lee would fill out right along with me." She pushed second huge slice towards me and smiled as I eagerly dug in. I rolled my eyes, "Oh god, Suzanne, this is delicious, if I was in Lee's position I would weigh 500 lbs by now." The air charged with sexuality and I saw Suzanne flush with desire, she looked at me as if she was imagining what a 340lb gain would look like on me. She must have decided she liked the idea. "You must stay for dinner," she said, "I'm making lasagna."
I pushed back from the table and Suazanne eyed my swollen belly hungrily. I continued to press my advantage. "Oh Suzannne, that was delicious, it's a good thing I don't live nearby, I have no will around this kind of food. I'd be a huge whale in no time."
She was visibly aroused, almost uncomfortably so, and suggested we retire to the living room. Within seconds , we were kissing. She grabbbed my crotch as I squeezed handfuls of her belly. She used her considerable weight to push me to the couch, I reclined and pulled my dick free from my underwear. Suzanne gasped and eagerly climbed on top. I grabbed to fistfuls of belly blubber and began grinding into my now beautifully obese ex-girlfriend. She panted and moaned. She grabbed a plateful of brownies from the side table and began feeding me as she ***ed me. "Oh yes, eat for me, baby, eat 'em all up, get big and fat for Susie." I moaned through a mouthful of brownies and as my gut stretched and my cock grew harder still. Suzanne could feel the affect her feeding and encouraging was having. She pushed in more brownies. "You like that, piggy, you like being fed while I *** you?"
"Yes, oh yes, more, feed me, feed me."
She giggled and grunted with desire and pushed in more.
This brief interlude became the theme for our relationship. As greedy and fat as Suzanne had become, she was even greedier when it came to feeding me. Before I left that first day, she made me promise to move in with her and within a week I had packed up my place in New York. Suzanne kept a near-continous flow of goodies my way and within a month I was obviously heavier. My flat stomach was rounding out and I was much lazier.
She was expert at using various states of arousal and release to control my appetite. A squeeze here, a kiss there, she goaded me into piggish gluttony. I blew up like a kind of inflatable sex doll designed just to suit her needs. A year later Suzanne put me on the scale, she had plumped even more to a delightfully jiggly 350 lbs. She was eager to see what a year together had done to me. I could feel the difference. I had a huge bulging ball gut and thick love handles that pressed into my back fat whenever I sat down. My thighs had gotten heavy causing me to waddle like a pot-bellied pig. Suzanne was beside herself. The fatter she grew me, the more she wanted sex. Our friends would be shocked if they knew how often we ***ed; two engorged hogs, eating and ***ing, feeding and groping, in an ongoing orgy of hot, sweaty, kinky, lusty hog sex. It was amazing.

I stepped on the scale and Suzanne slapped the side of my bloated paunch. "Read me those numbers, fat boy." I blushed. "I can't, sweetie. I can't see them."

"And why is that?" she asked.

"Because I've got a big fat bag of pig jelly in the way," I said.

She laughed devilishly. "How did it get so big, tubby?"

I mock pouted and said, "I can't stop eating my girlfriend's cooking and she turned me into a big, tubby manpig."

Suzanne flushed with desire, she couldn't take anymore suspense. She looked at the numbers and grinned wolfishly. "Oh, honey, I really did fatten you like a hog, didn't I? The scale says you weight 289 lbs., that can't be right." I groaned, c*ck began harden, I was overcome with desire. I needed to f*ck Suzanne desperately, have her feed me while I f*cked her and tease me for getting so fat. I loved that she had dominated me in this way. She had fattened me right off the dating market, made me her huge fat hog, her prize f*ckpig, a fat greedy, bloated toy addicted to her cooking,her love, her sex.

She squeezed my blubbery love handles and kissed my fat, round belly. Her eyes shone. She grew shy for a second and the dominant, fat, feeder of my dreams receded briefly. "You look amazing, baby. You've been such a good piggy, I've loved every minute with you this year. I had no idea it could be like this."

I smiled softly and held her gaze for a few seconds, "Let's go into the kitchen and celebrate, " I slapped my gut hard and her eyes widened at the undulating keg of lard. "This is 115lbs extra pounds of meat you put on me, I wasn't carrying any of this when I came to visit last year." She smiled triumphantly and I helped her to her feet.

I must tell you, dear reader, if you are into fat sex, there is nothing quite so hot as splitting as cheesecake with your fat partner, kissing and feeding and gorging your bellies, only to have it end in gluttonous, hot, piggy sex: two overfed tummies pushing and pressing, wobbling and slapping, as the feeding frenzy turns to kissing frenzy turns to f*cking frenzy. No matter how sweaty, or smeared with food, you or your lover get, there are numerous chunks of fat; squishy, blubbery handholds; bloated, dimpled cheeks and thighs , to hold onto.
Suzanne and I never made it out of the kitchen. Once the cheesecake was uncovered the feast began and when the wave of gluttony and love and raw desire had passed, we sat across from one another on the floor, legs spread to accomodate our engorged bellies, leaning against the lower cabinets, sweaty and panting and utterly satisfied. We gazed at one another stupidly, still floating on the sex-sugar rush, glutted and unable to move. Suzanne let out a horribly loud belch then said, "Happy Anniversary, Sweetie." I laughed and then responded with a thundering belch of my own. I giggled at myself and slapped my tight, round gut, "I hope you don't mind, angle face, I put on a little weight this year. I promise I'll do something about it before our second anniversary."

Suzanne laughed, "Don't you dare, fat boy, don't you dare. If I even hear you mention the word 'diet' I'll funnel feed you every night for a week."

I smiled and looked her dead in the eye, "Mmmmm, diet, diet, diet."
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Growingbellyboy 9 years
Great story, as usual.