Feeding Time

Chapter 1

Fair warning: Rough, kinky stuff ahead.

Constructive criticism welcomed.

The sound of the heavy metal door slowly creaking open brings you out of your haze. Back when you still had some sense of time, you managed to figure that her visits fell in the neighborhood of between fifteen to twenty-five hours, no more than once a day. In the intervening time this routine has come to fill you with a number of emotions: dread, shame, arousal. But overshadowing all of that is the hunger.

It makes no sense. The tube protruding from your mouth, leading all the way back to the tank keeps you fed nearly constantly, only abating when your belly is dangerously full. But the sight of her, the knowledge of what's to come, the conditioning she has so lovingly put you through all serve to prepare you for the massive feast she is about to stuff into you, and despite your swollen form, your stomach growls. She hears this and smiles.

So beautiful. Even with all she's done to you, you desire little else nowadays but to please her, because along with the pain and humiliation, she brings pleasure, satisfaction and a tender care that borders on love. Certainly nothing you had ever experienced before you were taken against your will, thrown into this barren cell and strapped into the chair. She told you long ago that the purpose of the decor was so that you never confused your station. She was the master, you the slave, completely at her mercy. You fought for awhile of course, resisting, struggling against the restraints, bucking at every opportunity. And each time you were severely punished for your impudence. Slowly, you came to understand that this was your new life and your will crumbled away. She was encouraging in response to your new demeanor and rewarded you with nights of ecstasy, but you were certain that her attentions were in some small part due to her having broken your spirit.

You come out of your reverie as you feel her touch against your paunch. Gentle probing, assessing your progress. With all that's happened, your bloated gut has now become an erogenous zone and you moan as she prods and caresses.

"Shhh, sweetie. I know."

As long as you remain docile, she is kind. These days you know better than to rebel, however slightly, for that brings out the sadist in her. The extra feedings. The cock teasing and denial. The riding crop. Simply applying pressure to your bulging abdomen. The sight of your discomfort only excites her. She never loses control though and has never damaged you beyond repair. In some perverse way, you feel safe in her care.

As she finishes her inspection and pulls away, you see a small frown cross her features. You begin to sweat.

She sighs. "Sweetie, it looks like your gains are slowing and I don't think I have to tell you how I feel about that." She looks down at you sternly, seemingly taking this news as an act of betrayal, but then her face spreads into a playful grin, "You'll be glad to know though, that I just happen to have the perfect remedy." Chuckling, she returns to rubbing your belly with one hand and with the other pulls out her remote and punches in a series of buttons.

Almost immediately, the aroma of solid food begins to waft down the corridor to the cell and automatically you begin to salivate. She removes the harness from your face and the tube with it. This is your cue.

"Hello, Mistress. Please stuff me full and make me even fatter."

She leans in close, still grinning, and coos in your ear, "Oh, I will, sweet. I promise." She emphasizes her intent with a firm series of pats to your fat gut.

Accompanying the new series of smells is the sound of the carts being wheeled toward you and soon the maids arrive. Unfortunately for you, they share many interests with their employer and as they approach with the food you can make out their wicked smiles and mocking eyes. Something is different today however. A buzz of energy. Almost breathless anticipation. You find this incredibly unnerving. You know perfectly well this can only mean a change to the already grueling routine. You scan the room, trying to pick out inconsistency.

There. Behind the girls and their trolleys piled ridiculously high with foodstuffs, is the final cart, the maid behind it looking especially giddy. This cart bears no food. Instead, placed upon it are things you would expect to see in a hospital. Large hot water bottles, liters in capacity. Rubber tubing. Clamps. Also, to your growing dismay, are a number of phallic instruments. The maids are only to serve as extra sets of hands; they know not to speak, but it could not be more clear that every last one of them is eager to see these new tools put to use.

Your mistress regards the equipment and says with a cavalier tone, "Sweetie, we're going to try something different today. You see, if we can just stretch you out a bit, then obviously you'll be able to hold more, and hopefully that will lead to bigger meals, which means a fatter tummy for you!" She smiles at you, looking for all the world like this was something you begged for. "So, with that in mind, today we're going to fill you from both of your holes." She begins to set up the enema and continues, "This is a special mixture of nutrients that will be directly absorbed by the body." She begins to laugh and looks to her attendants, "I mean, no sense cramming him full of something that isn't food, right?" They join in, snickering derisively.

Having completed the setup, she turns to you and shows you one of her gentle smiles. "You've been so good lately, sweetie. I'm so proud of you." She begins to plant soft kisses over your face and whispers, "I'm going to go nice and slow today, but in time I want to pick up the pace. This is going to be your regimen from now on. We've never fooled around with your butt before so I'll train you gradually, but I'm sure you'll love it in the end." A slight pause, and then they break down into a fit of shameless giggles. She snaps her finger and it begins.
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Best story... so sexy,and i love the ass play...