Form Transferance

Chapter 1

“God damn it,” Lindsey muttered and sighed. She pulled the button of her jeans together harder. It wouldn’t budge. She had just gotten too big for her pants once again.

She observed herself in the mirror, more annoyed than anything. Lindsey was never thin, no, but she used to have somewhat of a figure. Her soft curves formed the hourglass dip around her middle, kind of chunky hips, and a lovely face almost devoid of fat. But times change, and at eighteen she had put on a good thirty or forty pounds, and it apparently she would be putting on more in time. And on her short frame it added up very quickly. Her breasts, always large and firm, had become even larger, two unmanageable spheres that stuck out in front of her. Her soft tummy had since widened into a big, round belly—oddly as firm as her breasts—and the growth of her love handles had soon rendered her hourglass shape defunct and her progressive larger dress size obsolete. She wouldn’t even wear too many dresses anymore, she thought, without looking like a big ridiculous ball of firm fat.

Her face had only changed slightly, though, and swollen double chin was only a minor defect on an otherwise beautiful face. She had very distinctive, brown eyes, and long, brown hair.

Lindsey tried once more to zip up her pants. She nearly succeeded that time.

The phone rang. Lindsey answered testily.


“Hey, what’s up?” Marc’s voice came from the other end.

“What’s going on?”

“Me and Lori are going to get some coffee, want to come?”

“Um, yeah. Sure,” she looked around her room, “Just let me find something to wear.”

Marc was an old friend of Lindsey’s, but the two never dated. He would go out with girl after girl and Lindsey was always available to be the third wheel—or the fourth if she was dating someone at the time. She currently wasn’t. Lori was Marc’s hot little current girlfriend. Short, 95 lbs., sort of a gothy look to her, she was generally accepted as quite cute. Her hips were a little wide, maybe, and her ass stuck out, and her breasts were decent and her always hidden stomach was flat. She wore her black hair cut chin length. She wore the exact same outfit every day. It was absurd, really. Always tight, dark-blue jeans with a studded belt; a regular tucked-in black t-shirt; and a hooded sweater.

Marc’s choice of dating Lori was odd since he usually preferred more cheerful types. And, Lindsey knew, he liked somewhat curvier girls as a general rule.

Throwing on a big sweater and some pants that actually fit, Lindsey went to meet the couple. It was virtually a waste of time. Lori hardly talked at all, and Marc kept going on about all these new age/witchcraft books he was reading to impress his girlfriend. He did mention something interesting, though—form transference. He said he’d like to try it. It had to do with transferring one person’s general shape with another’s. He seemed to wink at Lindsey when he talked about it.

He took Lori home, and then came back to Lindsey to talk.

“How are you two crazy cats?” Lindsey asked, preoccupied with less relational problems. Mainly, that her pants felt way too tight.

“We’re good, we’re good . . .” Marc responded.


“Well, but, you see . . . Lori’s a good girl, don’t get me wrong. She’s kind of shy around other people, but we really have a thing going here. Except that, well, you know, she’s not really my type.”

“Physically,” Lindsey finished the thought.


Lindsey consciously shifted her weight and looked directly at him.

“So what?” was her fitting response.

“Let me be frank here: I’ve seen the way you’ve been going through new clothes lately—“

“Thanks a lot,” Lindsey wasn’t as offended as she sounded.

“—and Lori, well, Lori could stand to gain a few pounds . . .”

“What do you want me to do? Introduce her to my cook?”

“Form transference, you see—“

“Come on,” she scoffed.

“It’s worth a try? You’re both about the same height, so well, it’d be easier, you think?”

Lindsey laughed, “Go ahead, it couldn’t hurt. I’d like to be able to fit into that sexy red dress again.”

“Can I get a sock or something?”


“A sock, I need an article of clothing for the, um, procedure.”

“If you’re going to go all out just call it a spell, why don’t you?” smiling mockingly, Lindsey removed a sock and gave it to Marc.

“All right. Excellent. Great,” Marc seemed pretty sincere in his excitement. “I’ll do it tonight and it should start working immediately.”

“Yeah yeah, ya’ nut. Get out of here, I’ve got work in the morning,” and Marc left.

Prodding her naval, Lindsey slept easily that night.
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Kexickus 2 years
Good one, but really short.
Rubarbstreet 13 years
Reading it again after all these years my first thought was, "Was that ALL I wrote?" Quite rushed, yeah. Will return to the premise at some point.